Config Manual 2.5 Open a/c Period 1(5-7-3)

  • gillian harder

    gillian harder - 2009-03-12

    Good Morning,

    In config manual 2.5 section 5-7-3 detailing the steps taken to "Open Accounting Period 1" I believe one final step is missing.

    Instruction "10" states Click Open / Close All. Period 1 is opened.

    However when I Click Open / Close All another box named Open / Close all Base Documents is shown. I have to then click Okay before I receive a message stating that the Process has been completed successfully.

    I am assuming that this happens to everyone, if so, perhaps this step should be added to the manual.

    Kind Regards


    • Víctor Martínez Romanos

      Hi Gillian,

      You must understand that this is the normal behavior of every procedure of the application; i.e. each time you execute a procedure, a new pop up arises where you can:
      - configure its parameters (if there is any, like for example when completing an invoice), and
      - confirm (or cancel) the execution of the procedure.

      Best regards,

    • Rachel Johnston

      Rachel Johnston - 2009-03-12

      Thanks Victor,

      It's still a good idea to add it to the manual though, so that users understand it's a normal part of the process.

    • gillian harder

      gillian harder - 2009-03-12

      I agree Rachel. I guess that the config manual is possibly one of the first documents a potential Openbravo user sees and at that stage everything is new and strange. If processes are described exactly as they happen it saves the have I done this right or not dilemma.

      Having now posted numerous (although not yet successfully) manual payments I am now more familiar with the workings of the system and confident enough to make a few minor suggested changes. Hopefully this will help others and I feel I am giving something back to the forums that I am currently "taking things from!!"


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