ERROR: Names must start with its module...

  • venkatendra

    venkatendra - 2012-05-19


    I have a question about creating a new window, the problem is:

    I follow manual:

    and create a table in the database, first log into Openbravo ERP using a username with access to System Administrator role. Navigate to Application Dictionary || Tables and Columns and create a new record

    When I click on CreateColumns from DB I am getting this error ERROR: Names must start with its module's DB prefix

  • sagar

    sagar - 2012-05-21

    Hi venkatendra ,

                                  first you decide that you are making customization in new module or in an already existing module
    depending on those you have to decide that DB prefix name which one is going to use

                            to solve the above problem follow read the below content and understand apply it :

    Identifier naming criteria  :

    Having a clear, standard and consistant name criteria for data dictionary elements is critical in ERP systems. Following a naming criteria when developing functionally guarantees that new Openbravo ERP versions will not conflict with custom developments by using the same names for naming data dictionary elements.
    When doing a customized development, use the prefix CUS_ plus the first three characters of the name of the customer to name new dictionary elements. For example, a customization for a company called ACME use the CUS_ACM prefix when naming application dictionary elements.
    When developing a vertical, use the prefix VER_ followed by the three letter of the market that it address. For example, a vertical for the real estate market would use the VER_REA prefix for naming new dictionary elements.

    Database elements  :

    Name the new tables adding the particular development prefix. For example, if you have a new table called DOCUMENT for a customized development for a customer called ACME (CUS_ACM prefix) you should use CUS_ACM_DOCUMENT. The columns of these new tables can be named following the column naming convention (AD_Client_ID, IsActive, Name, Description, etc).
    When you are adding new columns for existing tables, name the new columns with the particular development prefix.
    Name the rest of the new database objects (procedures, triggers, etc.) adding the particular development prefix.
    The dictionary register IDs are generated by a sequence that establish the ranks in function of development origin, therefore the duplication of ID´s should not occur. Dictionary's entities with unique names (table, window, process, reference, validation, etc.) should be named adding the particular development prefixes.

    with Regards

    SAGAR . A,


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