pizza12 - 2012-06-18

Hello everyone:
I am looking for a framework which all me to build a web app mainly has ability to allow end user to customize (or extend) functions, for example: define data structure (table/column), relative UI and actions.
After did bunch of googling, I found openbravo is good for almost every thing, except one problem:

What I need is a "Platform" does not contain any default business logic at all, kind like "Apache OFBiz", but OB is basically a product with prebuild ERP business logic and relative UI.

I went throught almost all documents on OB wiki, many places are talking about "Open Bravo Core", "Business layer is build on top of a platform" some thing like that, but what exactly "Open Bravo Core (or platform)" means? I simply could not found the definition of it.

Also, Openbravo document claimed that OB is a highly modularizated product, if so, I believe that the reasonable understanding is "Openbravo core" should provide necessary deifnition and utils for "meta data-driven" mechanism, but business logic and UI should be a extension or higher layer based on "Core".

So, my questions are:
1. What is so called "Openbravo core"? is there any document for it to explain its definitions, functions.
2. Is it possible to "Clean" development environment (without business logic and UI, only a framework to develop a meta-data driven web app)? if it is possible, where I can find relative document?
3. If OB does not by default provide such framework, is it possible for us to "strip" those buildin business logic, and UI relative code (we need a totally new UI design, and will use another UI framework: extjs)?  If this is possible, any suggestions about how I might make this happen will be really appreciated.