migrate from compeire to OpenBravo

  • ismet sener

    ismet sener - 2012-09-01

    Hello OpenBarvo users/developers/experts,

    I have compeire 3.2 running, I am very satisfied. But Now I want to to migrate to compiere 3.3,  but this is NOT possibel without the migration tool. this tool is only available if you have a support contract.
    For support contract you ned minimal  10 licensec of 400 USD each, so USD 4.000 per year,
    For me this is too much, I have a company with only 1 user. If it was possible to take a contract for just 1 license, I will have no problem  with USD 400,- a year.

    Now this suppose to be OpenSource software, BUT i am literally Stucked with this version, I cannot go to a newer version where a lot problems are solved.

    I am thinking to start again with OpenBravo (or migrate)  or even to start again with a commercial ERP/Accounting software where i have to pay license.

    Thank you compiere.

    If someone knows about a way to migrate from Compeire 3.2  to OPENBRAVO, I would very appreciate.
    The advantage with Openbravo is that you can migrate with community version, and WEBBASED version is FREE

    With kind regards,

  • Redhuan D. Oon

    Redhuan D. Oon - 2012-11-30

    Good idea but then there is no such thing as a free lunch (not my words but explanation given by Richard Stallman, the founder of FSF that gave us Free as in Freedom, but not free beer software licensing).

    If you come to Openbravo there is also the potential of paying subscriptions somewhere further down the line. You can then try pure community software at ADempiere but it is chaotic, flawed and questionable in its last elections where certain citizens are not allowed to vote. You can then go to its best fork which is iDempiere but it is under a Benevolent Dictatorship akin to Linus Torvalds.

    So what is important is to do a matrix analysis of a few options including paying sufficient fee instead of all free to ensure your ERP's TCO (Total Cost of ownership including delayed rollout, lack of support, downtime, mistakes, etc) is in check.

    This is called Freedom of Choice. But good luck on your choice! :)

  • CICPL.net

    CICPL.net - 2013-07-12


    OpenBravo is again not completely open source erp software - i suggest to to check with OpenERP also since with version 7 and powerful community back up, you may gain what you are trying to achieve.

    OpenERP comes with modular architecture which can serve your requirements.

    Thanks :)


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