Hardware Compatibility

This implementation was tested with the Navico Lowrance BR24 Broadband Radar. We have received first positive reports on compatibility with the newer Lowrance 3G model. We doubt that it will work for the 4G model since 4G requires a different display unit and differs in many technical aspects from BR24 and 3G.

Software Requirements

We've tested the implementation on Linux and Windows 7 & XP. You will need libpcap/winpcap and JDK/JRE 1.6 to run. For Ubuntu 11.04 and newer please observe the installation instructions in the README.TXT file. We expect no major problems with OS X, although we did not test it.

Native JAVA binding to libpcap is realized using jnetpcap: You might need to move/rename the right native library to the lib/ folder to be found by jnetpcap. See README.TXT for details.

Network Setup

The protocol relies on a working multicast setup on your LAN. Therefore a DHCP Server is not needed, but might be of help when debugging. In Ubuntu set your network device to "Link-Local" in the Network Manager Applet or add a multicast route manually:

 sudo route add -net dev eth0


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