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[r3745] by sumolx

Added README which describes how licenses are applied to source code, scripts and binaries.

2012-12-13 15:59:37 Tree
[r3744] by sumolx

Added a BSD v3 License

2012-12-13 15:53:26 Tree
[r3743] by sumolx

License is now fully OSI compatible BSD v3

2012-12-13 15:48:43 Tree
[r3742] by utunnels

Fix script entity property colourmap.
Also fix several properties that mistook self for ent.

2012-12-06 05:21:37 Tree
[r3741] by utunnels

Use a safe method to retrieve colourmap tables.

2012-12-02 02:17:09 Tree
[r3740] by utunnels

changelevelproperty("wall", index, x, z, topleft, bototmleft, topright, bottomright, depth, height);
changelevelproperty("hole", index, x, z, topleft, bototmleft, topright, bottomright, depth);

2012-12-01 03:15:05 Tree
[r3739] by utunnels

Use dynamic alloc for many level and model properties.
Add wall and hole to script level property.

2012-11-30 13:20:10 Tree
[r3738] by plombo

Remove the __EndMMX() function. In the one place where it was used, it has
been replaced with a single line of inline assembly that does the same thing.

2012-11-29 14:19:03 Tree
[r3737] by plombo

Fix link error on Windows caused by different function name mangling on
Windows and Linux. This should fix the reported link error on Darwin as well,
although I don't have a working Darwin toolchain at the moment.

2012-11-29 14:08:48 Tree
[r3736] by utunnels

Minor change: don't use transform for sprites that only use centerx and centery drawmethod properties.

2012-11-29 00:00:25 Tree
[r3735] by plombo

Avoid clobbering the ebx register in GetMMX since Darwin uses it as the PIC

2012-11-28 14:00:08 Tree
[r3734] by plombo

Rewrote the bilinear scaling filter. Like the previous version, this one has
both a C version and an MMX version. Unlike the previous version, the
copyright is owned by OpenBOR Team and it's not licensed under the GPL.

2012-11-26 14:46:11 Tree
[r3733] by plombo

Removed the "Bilinear Plus" and "Motion Blur" filters. Both were
GPL-encumbered and rather useless as filters, and a poll of users didn't
show that anyone actually uses either one:,7130.0.html

2012-11-26 14:34:40 Tree
[r3732] by utunnels

Add quake to level property.

2012-11-24 23:21:42 Tree
[r3731] by utunnels

Merge alpha 7 with alpha 6 (engine will check if channels are set).
Add tintmode and tintcolor to drawmethod, if tintmode is set, it tints the sprite with specific tintcolor and blend mode(defined by tintmode).

2012-11-24 09:47:34 Tree
[r3730] by utunnels

- Add alpha 7 (individual rgb channels) and corresponding drawmethod properties (channelr, channelg, channelb) and script changes.
- Twist drawmethod command to break it down to smaller ones instead of single long argument list.
- Edit macros in pixelformat.c to swap r and b with each other (r is actually b and vise versa).

2012-11-23 11:05:39 Tree
[r3729] by utunnels

Check anmations valid before changing model to prevent some crash.
Extend bbox and abox to 6 values for further use.

2012-11-15 05:03:34 Tree
[r3728] by utunnels

Restore #pragma pack(1) in anigif.h.

Add releasetime to entity property.

2012-11-11 13:27:11 Tree
[r3727] by utunnels

Fix aiflag and think for changeentityproperty os NULL() is now actually supported.
Add jumpheight as an entity property (set and change).
Forgot to clear loading script, now it's fixed.
Fix putscreenx8p32 color key bug.

2012-11-06 07:23:00 Tree
[r3726] by plombo

Allow selecting the OpenGL filtering method (simple or bilinear) in
fullscreen. This was supposed to be allowed when I separated the video
settings for windowed and fullscreen in the save data, but I overlooked it

2012-10-31 15:30:49 Tree
[r3725] by plombo

Silence debug spew to stderr when processing joystick input. I added it a
long time ago for debugging purposes and apparently forgot to disable it. It
went unnoticed until now because the stderr stream is only visible when
running OpenBOR from a terminal in Linux or Darwin.

2012-10-30 18:38:14 Tree
[r3724] by plombo

Rewrote the Scanline 2x and Scanline TV 2x scaling filters to fix conflicts
with the GPL.

2012-10-30 18:38:13 Tree
[r3723] by plombo

Fix crashes in Scale2x MMX implementation.

2012-10-30 18:38:12 Tree
[r3722] by utunnels

Fix special3(aka jumpspecial) dive bug.
Fix difficulty menu scroll bar (more than 10 modes are supported now).

2012-10-29 02:29:55 Tree
[r3721] by plombo

Cleaned the Scale2x rewrite up a bit and changed the MMX assembly code to not
use the ebx register. Hopefully this will fix the compile error in Darwin.

2012-10-29 01:52:53 Tree
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