Hi Chris,

i'm writing to you, because i'm really gettin mentally sick about one problem with your iso... in vmware and also in boot-live in a T43 Thinkpad, is so unstable, and when i run

sudo ./OpenBTS

gives to me an error (that seems a problem from trasnceiver...) btw...

I have a question for you... i was trying to understand your extensions.conf and sip.conf from Private ISO....

How did u do the autoprovisioning?!

It is a program a part, that parse logfile OUT.TEST and add new IMSIs to Asterisk's Conf files or is embedded in OpenBTS?!

It is all day that i'm trying to make tests between Lacassine/Mamou, OpenBooTS, OpenBTS from scratch, etc... and i'm going almost crazy __

Thank you so much mate for attention

Best Regards