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OpenBlueLab 2.4.2 released

OpenBlueLab 2.4.2 is up to date !

You can download it here :

Some functionnalies have been improved.

You have two main category
1) Functionnality improvement
2) Skins and styles improvement

About Functionnality improvement :
- some bugs have been fixed up (MD5 libary, Reverse proxy error, translations messages in the portal).
- you can edit your own javascript file action. Before, only OBL_crud.js file could be edit for the list action (download, edit, delete).
- nomenclature list can be build from the UML models.
- Thanks to i18n OpenBlueLab modules, you can edit labels on your forms. A simple mouse left click permits to change value. Datas will be store in a database.
- Thanks to designer OpenBlueLab modules, drag'n drop your portlet where you want in your page and save it, edit your portlet via portlet icon action. Datas will be store in a database too.

About Skins and styles improvement :
- OpenTree action permits you to choose a category (video, image for example). OpenTree is a tree like a tree directory on a filesystem which permit easly to choose a path.
- Some incompatibility with Internet Explorer about PNG transparency has been fixed up by using gif icons.
- Style page has been improved :
1) Portlet style has changed
2) Dojo menu has now icons on each action. You can easly configure it and useful. For example, you can add a characters icons for the action "add user"
3) Forms styles have changed, you can add icons on each form section (16x16) and a main icons in the section (64x64).
4) In general, OpenBlueLab style has been improved.

Posted by Benjamin Lepeigneul 2007-05-30

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