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OMF OpenBlueLab Developer Studio 1.3.2 : OBL2UML2 improved

Previously, the generation to UML2 used a default profile. Now we generate automatically the profile corresponding to the model. The UML2 generation is now complete. Moreover, we have added 2 new features. First, the generation of HTML documentation integrate now the generation of diagrams. Second, we have added a feature to validate an OBL file. This validation verify that all references can be reachable.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-08-01

OMF OpenBlueLab Developer Studio 1.3.1 : Integration of UML2

This version integrate the transformation to UML2 and add dialog on comments in class diagram.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-07-25

OBL Developer Studio 1.3.0 : Integration of ATL and Acceleo

We provide now the generation of Java code in the plugin. In the contextual menu of an OBL file, we can find “Generate Java”. This generation exports all classes in a folder “src” at the same level that the model. This generation use the technology provided by Acceleo.
The second feature is the integration of the ATL transformation to UML1. Now we can transform directly automatically your OBL files to UML files. You must have now ATL[] in your Eclipse.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-07-18

OMF 1.2.20 : Inspection tools and Exportation to picture

New tools to simplify again the management of model have added. A new view is added which permit to see all available models and each sub-diagram to open directly. A new action on OBLDI file or on folder export to picture all contained diagrams to JPEG, BMP, GIF, SVG or PNG.
The validation of REF file is more complete and verify now that all references are valid. All key are verified. Buttons are added on the search view to add or delete OBL files. The visualization of diagrams contains a new feature. It's possible to highlight attributes containing meta-informations. This feature can be activated/deactivated by a preference.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-06-27

OMF 1.2.19 : Search tools and HTML generation

OMF OpenBlueLab Developer Studio

It's the begin of the creation of many tools to manage model simply. The first tool added is the search in a set of OBL files. If you search a particular class or a package in a folder, you just select the folder and fill the regular expression. The second tool is very interesting because it permits to generate a HTML documentation from a REF file. The documentation generated looks like the javadoc and contains all classes and all packages. We can now navigate simply in the global model and to export OBL model. We have added to the concept of deprecated class and we have corrected bug on the compute of dependencies.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-06-20

MappingOR version 1.1.1 is out : Refactoring

In this version we have refactored OpenBlueLab crud engine using decorator and factory design pattern.

You can see a screenshot of the UML class diagram at:
(we have removed attribute and operation not to overload the diagram too much)

you can download MappingOR version 1.1.1 here:

Posted by lidonis calhau 2007-06-14

OMF OpenBlueLab Developer Studio 1.2.18 : New features

This release adds visibility on operation and improves the visualization. The concatenation was improved to get a correct OBL file.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-06-14

Sales CRM 2.1.0 is out

Sales CRM modules has been up to date.
Some aspects have been changed :
- CSS improvement
- fix minor/major bugs
- search bar has now been improved
- you can now set prority on tasks

Posted by Benjamin Lepeigneul 2007-06-11

New version 1.1.6 of « budget » plugin is out!

Integration of Management Accounting System : companies can have their owm management accounting system, in addition with legal general accounting system. This new accounts gather general accounting accounts, in order to simplify budgeting. Each budget line can correspond to a management accounting system account.
Link between a cycle budget and a company have also been added, in order to allow to use the ERP for more than only one company, and in order to manage holding (companies group).

Posted by Myriam 2007-06-08

OMF OpenBlueLab Developer Studio 1.2.17 : New tools added

This version is the begin of the new tools used to simplify OBL's model management. The feature used to see directly the pivot from REF file or to generate the portal is improved and used now the web browser configured in the Eclipse preferences. Moreover, we have added tool on REF file to validate and to compute dependencies.
We have improved too the editor. Meta-information can be now added on class and on operation. The concept of abstract class was added. Some automatically normalization have been added on element. Now, the operation are generated in the PIVOT format.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-06-06

Plugin OMF 1.2.15 : New graphic features are added

This version is the most user-friendly available. All elements is parameterizable with dialog. All meta-informations are organized to simplify the creation of new diagram. The transformation from ArgoUML was improved.
In the use case diagram, we can link directly each use case with stereotype Col or ColDef defined in the model. In the class diagram, we have the visibility of each property and we have added name to each extremity of the association. But the new big feature is to configure the view and the layout directly in a new dialog on class. Comments are automatically generated and connected to the class. Moreover, we can see directly on the diagram if a class contains a view or a layout.

Posted by Benjamin CHEVALLEREAU 2007-06-01

OpenBlueLab 2.4.2 released

OpenBlueLab 2.4.2 is up to date !

You can download it here :

Some functionnalies have been improved.

You have two main category
1) Functionnality improvement
2) Skins and styles improvement

About Functionnality improvement :
- some bugs have been fixed up (MD5 libary, Reverse proxy error, translations messages in the portal).
- you can edit your own javascript file action. Before, only OBL_crud.js file could be edit for the list action (download, edit, delete).
- nomenclature list can be build from the UML models.
- Thanks to i18n OpenBlueLab modules, you can edit labels on your forms. A simple mouse left click permits to change value. Datas will be store in a database.
- Thanks to designer OpenBlueLab modules, drag'n drop your portlet where you want in your page and save it, edit your portlet via portlet icon action. Datas will be store in a database too.... read more

Posted by Benjamin Lepeigneul 2007-05-30

sales.crm 2.0.1 is out !!

this release contains UML and topcased models
change :
convert ArgoUML xmi model to OBL topcased

Posted by David Abad 2007-05-25

Openbluelab 2.0.2 released

Open Blue Lab is a rapid application development framework for building portal applications based on Web 2.0. It is currently being used to develop a full Web ERP from scratch.
Now,OpenBlueLab is generated from a UML model. For the moment, only the class diagram is used to generate forms. Inheritance, composition, and aggregation are supported. CRUD features are automatically generated. Each UML model update is automatically taken into account.

Posted by Jean-Christophe Kermagoret 2006-10-12

New release for Openbluelab


A new release has been created for Openbluelab (release 2.0.2) .

OpenBlueLab is now generated from a UML model. For the moment, only the class diagram is used to generate forms. Inheritance, composition, and aggregation are supported. CRUD features are automatically generated. Each UML model update is automatically taken into account.

OBL Team

Posted by Jean-Christophe Kermagoret 2006-10-12

Accounting release 1.2.6

Accounting release 1.2.6 is avalaible (with a new form and a new task bar).

Posted by Jean-Christophe Kermagoret 2006-08-01