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Site has been down for a while

SourceForge took down OB's MySQL DB, so the site has been down while I negotiate its return. Code, the wiki, the bug tracker, etc. is still A-OK, though.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2013-01-20

OpenBlox 0.7 beta released!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-08-13

New OpenBlox example game

There's a new example game for OpenBlox, called "Snow Example". It shows how to perform common tasks, like adding/removing bricks.

Download it at

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-07-11

New OpenBlox issue tracker

OpenBlox's issue tracker has been migrated to Please use this new service instead of the old tracker.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-07-08

OpenBlox commit milestone

The 100th commit to OpenBlox's Mercurial repositiory ( was committed a few minutes ago, setting the all-time commit-per-day average for OpenBlox to 0.2.

This is quite amazing, considering OpenBlox was born in November '09, and still has a relatively small team.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-07-07

OpenBlox 0.6.2 released!

OpenBlox 0.6.2 has just been released!

Among the new features/bugfixes:

* Windows Vista/7 support added
* Creation/deletion of bricks at runtime
* Better performance

Go see the full release post at for more info.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-03-10


OpenBlox just broke the 1,400 download mark!
Thanks to everyone who gave OpenBlox a chance and downloaded it, and thus helped it to reach this milestone!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-02-28

Site back up again

Well, is back up!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-02-11

Site down again

Now, Sourceforge is migrating the M-Z projects (this includes OpenBlox) to the new Project Web.

The site may take a while to come back online.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-02-11

OpenBlox site back up

It wasn't the SourceForge new Project Web that caused an outage, but something did.
Anyway, the OpenBlox site is back up!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-02-10

OpenBlox site down

OpenBlox's main site ( ) is down, while SourceForge migrates their servers to the new project web infrastructure.

Check back here for updates on site status.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2011-02-10

Bug: Lua dependency

OpenBlox depends upon Lupa as a Lua-Python binding, and as Lupa depends upon Lua, OpenBlox depends upon Lua as well.

Still with me? Good!

This means you have to download and install Lua to use OpenBlox.
See the README at to see how to download the Lua libraries.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-12-28

Site back up!

After around 8 hours, we have the OpenBlox web site back up!
Citizens may now return to your normal lives ;)

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-12-01

Site temporarily down is temporarily down due to technical issues.

We will post again when the problem is fixed.
Thank you for your patience!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-12-01

0.5 stable released!

The very capable 0.5 stable release has just been released for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX! Other OSes might work, but we don't know...

This new release includes new features such as:

* Avatars
* Game distribution
* Easier to use Lua scripting system
* A graphical installer
* A graphical world launcher

If you have any problems, register for an account at and post in the forums, under "Troubleshooting".... read more

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-11-27

Mercurial repository restored

OpenBlox's Mercurial source code repository has been restored.
You can now view OpenBlox's bleeding-edge code at:

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-10-26


OpenBlox has been released!
Follow the instructions in the downloaded archive to find out how to install OpenBlox.

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-08-26

OpenBlox release!

OpenBlox's game engine will be released, for the first time, somewhere during the next 2-3 weeks!

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-07-17

OpenBlox still alive!

OpenBlox is still alive and kicking, we're just in the SVN repos for now. There's really nothing outside of SVN...

Posted by DangerOnTheRanger 2010-03-18

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