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OpenBaseMovil / News: Recent posts

OpenBaseMovil J2ME app framework 3.0 (stable) released

OpenBaseMovil is an enterprise-class J2ME application framework, which includes many features being the most notable the J2ME Relational Database Engine openbasemovil-db, but also the user interface engine that allows you to create your views using XML, and lots of other useful things like local connectivity to Bluetooth devices like bar-code scanners, printers or GPS antennas.

With this release you have every thing you need to create your own enterprise-class J2ME applications with little effort, without worrying about device bugs or differences, screen sizes, and all the things that usually make J2ME development a nightmare.
We have included in this release a Quick Start Guide, that explains how to use the application template to create your project skeleton and then how to build a working application very quickly: PasswordKeeper, a KeePass like application.
Of course, the full source code for the framework, the application template and the sample application are available for download:
Visit the project home page for more information:

Posted by Narciso Cerezo 2008-01-23

OpenBaseMovil-script 0.1 released

OpenBaseMovil-script is a scripting engine for the bmScript object oriented scripting language, targeted at J2ME platforms.
It provides compilation support, dynamic class loading, it is easily extensible and has a syntax similar to Java or C#.

Posted by Narciso Cerezo 2007-11-26

OpenBaseMovil-core 2.0 released

This is the first release of the OpenBaseMovil platform.
OpenBaseMovil-core is the library that gives support to the rest of the platform, with many useful things such as internationalization, serialization, an mvc framework, task management, and more.
We will soon release the rest of the libraries in the project: OpenBaseMovil-db (database engine), OpenBaseMovil-script (scripting engine), OpenBaseMovil-ui (user interface), and more.

Posted by Narciso Cerezo 2007-11-20