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OpenAncestry 0.0.9 Released

OpenAncestry version 0.0.9 released. This release includes significant enhancements in the person system, including editing, adding, and deleting people. It is also a prerelease for version 0.1, which will feature the full person system.

Posted by Hyrum Wright 2003-08-27

OpenAncestry 0.0.7 Released

OpenAncestry 0.0.7 has been released! This new version includes a new event system, as well as an improved person data entry screen. Get it now!

Posted by Hyrum Wright 2003-07-26

OpenAncestry 0.0.5 Released

OpenAncestry 0.0.5 has been released! It is more of a proof-of-concept than anything else, but it does have a little functionality. Test, hack, and crash to your heart's content.

Posted by Hyrum Wright 2003-07-16

Initial CVS Import

It's official! OpenAncestry 0.0.1 was officially imported into CVS last night. It is basically only a gui shell until I get at least one database interface written, but feel free to start hacking and making suggestions using the feature request, bugs and patches portions of the project web site.

Posted by Hyrum Wright 2003-06-18