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Neural Network & OpenAI IDE

Our long awaited release of the neural network tool and the new OpenAI IDE (which allows users to graphically create a network and train it) is here!

Have a look at the home page or go straight to the files section to get the code.

Have fun!


Posted by gleo 2002-05-10

Hybrid AI 0.1.1 Releases (FSM Agents)

First release of the Hybrid AI package. For now, this only includes the Finite State Machine based Mobile Agent. This package builds upon the 0.1a FSM release and the 0.1.3b+ (pre-release of 0.1.4b) release of the Mobile Agent (OsMoSys) packages. Download it from

Posted by Thorn Halo 2002-02-05

OSMoSys 0.1.3 Beta (Mobile Agents) Released

A few minor enhancements to OSMoSys:
- Now able to execute using 'java -jar
- Added the ability to query for local
DaemonServices from the Daemon
- Added the ability to query the Daemon for other
information through the DaemonDescription Object

Posted by Thorn Halo 2002-01-22

OsMoSys 0.1.2Beta (Mobile Agents)

In this release:

- Fixed a GC bug
- Added a "main" to the Daemon
- Beginnings of a command-line and file-based
- Added some new test code
- More statistics displayed upon Daemon shutdown

Posted by Thorn Halo 2002-01-17

OpenAI Mobile Agent System v0.1.1Beta

The 0.1.1Beta version of the OpenAI Mobile Agent System is available! This is a complete rewrite of the original, but the API looks pretty much the same. The update includes:

- The garbage collection bug is gone
- Better load balancing
- Automatic asynchronous remote class loading
- Division between mobile and non-mobile agents
- Several new examples
- Migration of the build system to "ant"... read more

Posted by Thorn Halo 2001-12-10


we've had a volunteer to do an interface for the neural network code we have...this should be a really exciting project since it's our first real GUI!!!

To see what we have planned check out the specs we've drawn up for the gui and if you have any other ideas, comments or criticisms let us know.

Posted by gleo 2001-11-17

Back with a vengeance

After a few month lull we're back!

We have a lot planned and a lot to do, so if you're interested stop by our IRC channel #openai on and chat about what you might be able to help us handle.

Posted by gleo 2001-11-17

Development Release 0.1 Alpha is out!

Come and get it while its hot! We've made releases of the Java implementations of the Mobile Agent, Genetic Algorithm, Neural Net, and Finite State Machine Packages.

Again, these are early development releases. There is still alot of work to be done, but maybe this'll satisify your hunger for now ...

Posted by Thorn Halo 2001-04-06

Development Release Planned

We're planning on having a Development Release (devel-alpha-0.1) on the following tools within a day or so:

"Core" AI:
Java Neural Net Package
Java Mobile Agent Package
Java Genetic Algorithm Package

Java Finite State Machine Package

Within the next week and a half, we are also planning an early Development Release of the C++ Neural Net Package.

Keep checking the site for updates:

Posted by Thorn Halo 2001-04-05