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Imagine that: news in a news section. Who would'a thought?

Yeah, I've changed things again. Totally.

That's all.

Posted by Alboin 2008-03-13


x86lib is a cousin of this project, and is an implementation of an x86 CPU. I'm thinking about using it in here to form a full emulator.

(Basically, the point of this message is to show that the project isn't dead. ;)

Posted by Alboin 2008-01-01


Yeah, I haven't closed shop yet. I'm just...errrr...taking a break. (Yeah, let's go with that again.. ;)

I'll work on it more when I feel like it....

Posted by Alboin 2007-11-01


Work on Open86++ (The rewritten C++ version of Open86) is continuing.

That is all.
-The Giant Rabbit

Posted by Alboin 2007-09-05


It would appear that Open86 is getting an overhaul. It is being rewritten in C++.

Posted by Alboin 2007-08-25


I'm aiming to restart work on open86 by August.



Posted by Alboin 2007-07-23

Errr...Longer Break. Sorry.

Yeah. I'm *really* into this program I'm working on at the moment. Once I finish it, I do very hope to get back to Open86. I should say said program is 75% complete at the moment.


Posted by Alboin 2007-07-08

A Break...

I'm taking a short break for the moment. (A week? Maybe two?) I might work on Open86 a bit, but I'm focusing on something else. Don't worry, I'm not abandoning it or anything.


Posted by Alboin 2007-06-17

Work Goes On...

Development upon Open86 has continued onward, with some major code organization and rewriting.

That's about it for the moment. Stay tuned!

Posted by Alboin 2007-06-13

New Admin.

Hello, There is no longer a search for a new admin. Yes, it is me. Alboin. That is all. Tot zeins.

Posted by Alboin 2007-06-03

Back in development

After taking a 2 week(or was it 4) break, I am now developing Open86 again. Now, however, I know much more about assembly and the BIOS

Posted by Jordan 2007-04-08

New website

I have started a bit of a website for Open86(and it only) now at sorry for the long name..might eventually get a domain for it

Posted by Jordan 2007-03-29