Open1X: XSupplicant 2.0.1

Open1X is an open source implementation of the IEEE 802.1X protocol. This project includes support for the authenticator and supplicant, while other projects (e.g., FreeRADIUS) provide support for the authentication server.

XSupplicant version 2.0.1 has been released. This release fixes bugs that have been found since the 2.0.0 release. It does not contain any new features.

In addition to the new release, there has been a lot of work taking place on the next version. First, the project management committe (PMC) decided to rename the codename from SeaMonkey to SeaAnt and to accept a letter ordering for all future codenames. So, along with SeaAnt, the two releases that will follow it are "SeaBadger", and "SeaCow". Second, the roadmap for SeaAnt has been approved by the PMC. Two versions are available. The "executive summary" version can be found here, a longer version with (really) rough timelines can be found here. Third, we have started to work on various pieces of documentation. All of the documentation will be included in future source drops, in addition to the documentation links in the SourceForge project.

Last, but not least, we have also decided to move away from CVS to Subversion. HEAD development (SeaAnt and beyond) is now using subversion. While making this cut over, we also took the opportunity to rearrange the source tree a little. There are now three main modules :

* xsupplicant -- The XSupplicant engine (GPL/BSD licensed)
* xsupplicant-ui -- The XSupplicant UI (GPL licensed)
* xsupplicant-build -- Install packaging and build scripts (GPL/BSD licensed)

The 2.0.x code will continue to come out of the older CVS branches.

Posted by Terry Simons 2008-02-05

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