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War Room / News: Recent posts

War Room becomes Camisphere

The project has morphed somewhat. The C# version is no longer being maintained. You can see the latest release at <a href=""></a>.

Posted by Derek Burnett 2008-01-10

New Release 0.2!

I got the second release out today. I've enhanced a lot of the graphics and functionality.
The goal for the first formal release is interactivity with the global news items. I am still working out the details for what this means. Enjoy!

Posted by Derek Burnett 2007-06-25

First alpha

War Room is still very much in prototype form. I put out an early alpha to see how much interest it gets and hopefully some feedback on things to add. Mostly what I get around here is that it's very pretty, but she's still a little lost at sea as to what purpose she could serve.

Posted by Derek Burnett 2007-05-24


I have morphed the old Outpost project into War Room.

Posted by Derek Burnett 2007-05-15