Obtaining and Running ORT

The lastest release and the feature list of ORT can be found here.

The release contains a PDF manual of the ORT Modeller, which explains how to run ORT and also contains a tutorial for creating your first model.

Launcher Index

The following table details the launchers included so far in the ORT distribution.

Launcher ORT Component Name Sources
Goddard 1 Goddard 1 astronautix
Goddard 3 Goddard 3 astronautix
Goddard 4 Goddard 4 astronautix
Modell B Oberth Modell B Hilfsrakete Die Rakete zu den Planetenräumen
Qu8k Qu8k youtube, armadillo
V-2 V-2 astronautix, Sutton
Redstone IRBM Redstone IRBM astronautix
Atlas B Atlas B Stage 0 astronautix
Vanguard Vanguard S1 astronautix
Sergeant Sergeant astronautix
Jupiter C Jupiter C astronautix
Bumper-WAC Bumper astronautix
WAC Corporal WAC A-0 astronautix
Falcon 1 Falcon 1 S1 spacex, wikipedia
Vega P80 (Vega) astronautix, wikipedia
Titan 2 Titan 2-1 astronautix
Black Arrow Black Arrow-1 astronautix, wikipedia