Bugs with identation / tabs

  • J. Agricola

    J. Agricola - 2002-07-18

    1. In most script editors (like UltraEdit and Perl Builder 2) a block of code can be idented by selecting it and pressing tab. This is not possible in perlide 1.0. When i try that i lose the whole block and can not undo. i think this is a bug.

    2. I have set the tab-width to 4 in editor options. Every time i restart the program, the tab width is reset to 2. When i open the preferences window, it shows '4' as tabwidth. When i close it, tab width in the editor has been reset to 4.  This is a bug.

    • Ascher Stefan

      Ascher Stefan - 2002-07-18

      1. No, this is not a bug, use Shift+Ctrl+I for Blockindent and Shift+Ctrl+U for unindent, like in Borland IDEs. The next version will support Tab and Shift+Tab as well.

      2. I'll habe a look, thanks!


    • J. Agricola

      J. Agricola - 2002-07-19

      OK :) thanks

      Thanks anyway for writing the program to you guys it really helps me.

      • Ascher Stefan

        Ascher Stefan - 2002-07-20

        This is fixed in CVS.


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