Extra feature

  • Simon Lagendijk

    Simon Lagendijk - 2001-04-23


    Nice editor, only one thing I want to see added: possibilitie to open and run *.cgi files (a lot of my perl-scripts use that extension)

    • Jürgen Güntherodt

      Hi Simon,

      the new release 0.9.8 should be able to run cgi-scripts within the IDE.

      But, there exists at minimum one big problem with the usage of CGI.pm:
      If there are no start parameter entered, the request values are read from STDIN in *binary* mode. Combined with the redirection to the Console Window, this leads to a never ending param-read-loop.

      Currently, I have no solution for this ugly behaviour, but I have a good workaround:
      Always use start parameter !



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