Translation error in menus?

  • Brian DeVries

    Brian DeVries - 2002-08-09

    I have just dowloaded Open Perl IDE.  I don't know Perl very well (I'm hoping to use your program to learn, wish me well...).  So far it looks like a very tight, well-made IDE, so I want to congratulate you on that. 

    However, I noticed a mistake in your translation that I thought you would want to know about...

    In the shortcut keys for the menu commands, you have Strg+<letter> instead of Ctrl+<letter> and Umsch+<letter> instead of Shift+<letter>.  For example, for File -> New, instead of Ctrl+N, it displays Strg+N.  For Edit -> Redo, instead of Shift+Ctrl+Z, you have Umsch+Strg+Z. 

    I am reasonably certain about the meanings of these, having tested _some_ of them. 

    A minor error in an otherwise good program; I would correct it myself, if I knew Delphi and had a Delphi IDE...  Just thought you would want to know about it. 


    • Ascher Stefan

      Ascher Stefan - 2002-08-10

      This is probably because it's compiled with a german version of Delphi. I have an english version of Delphi, and this Shortcuts are in english. Maybe I should compile the next release version.

    • Brian DeVries

      Brian DeVries - 2002-08-11

      Thanks for your timely response!  I guess I learned something new today: the language of your compilier makes a difference! 

      <extreme aside -- answer at your leisure>
      By the way, do you know of any other Delphi IDEs/compilers for Windows?  I know about Kylix, but that is for Linux only.  I have Linux, though not set up yet, and I would prefer not to have to transition source files from Linux to Windows.  Any suggestions?
      </extreme aside>

      Thank you for your time,

      • Ascher Stefan

        Ascher Stefan - 2002-08-11

        There is a free version of Delphi 6 called Delphi 6 Personal Edition, you can download it from borlands Homepage: It's a rather large download, about 50 MB. But there are also some free commandline compilers for Pascal, my favourite is Free Pascal: It's also not small ~15 MB. Free Pascal is a compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal and it has some extensions from Delphi like Exceptions, RTTI, Classes etc.


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