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Open Infrastructure for Outcomes / News: Recent posts

ZSVG Graph 1.2.0 Released

Added "2D vertical bar graph", "3D vertical bar graph", "2D vertical line graph", and "3D vertical line graph".

These new graphs were contributed by Laurent Bel.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2005-01-20

LivePlone-1.0.5 released

This is the first public release of LivePlone. Boot up to Plone, a Zope-based content management system and OIO, all from a 650MB CD.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2003-10-18

LiveOIO-1.0.0.rc1 released

Knoppix-based CD image (fits on 650 MB CD) for live demo or hard-drive install (knx-hdinstall) of Zope, OIO, PsycopgDA, PostgreSQL. Please test and give suggestions. Watch for final release of LiveOIO-1.0.0 in the next week or so.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2003-10-07

LiveZope 0.1 includes OIO-0.9.9d

Chu-Ching Huang ( released LiveZope-0.1 which is Knoppix 3.2 modified to run Zope, PostgreSQL, and OIO-0.9.9d. The .iso file is now mirrored in OIO's SourceForge file area.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2003-09-02

ZSVG_Graph 1.0.0 released

This is a graph producing module that uses SVG. It is going to be part of OIO-1.0.0 and it is also being released as a stand-alone product. Live demo available at www.TxOutcome.Org.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2003-08-19

OIO-0.9.9d released: Works with Zope-2.4.1/Python-2.1

Minor upgrade with modified install script and XMLDocument product patch so that the OIO system now works with the newest Zope.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2001-10-11

OIO-0.9.9: Images and XML-mediated Multi-Lingual Support

OIO is a Web-based medical/patient, user-extensible forms, and online analysis system. We use it at Harbor-UCLA for health/treatment outcomes data. Forms can be exported+imported as XML and exchanged via the online OIO Library at www.TxOutcome.Org.

This is a major upgrade release with several minor bug fixes.
Two notable features are introduced:
1) creation of web-forms that support the storage of images independent of the database and
2) transportable/sharable multi-lingual text and translation via XML document upload/download

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2001-09-28

OIO-0.9.8 Released: "Local Text", Chi-Square test, and more.

OIO-0.9.8 is a major upgrade release that introduces the all new "Local Text" feature. Online data analysis capabilities have been extended to include contingency tables, Chi-square test, and User-definable grouping variables. Tested with Zope 2.3.3 and PostgreSQL 7.1.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2001-07-23

OIO Library #1 is now active at www.TxOutcome.Org

I have just activated the OIO Library which is at http://www.TxOutcome.Org. The OIO Library is a public repository of OIO forms and other downloadable metadata. For those running OIO-0.9.3 and above, you can also click on the
<Forms Library> link in the left-panel to go there directly.

Uploads/Downloads/Preview/Browsing are supported (no
password required). You can also create new
folders as necessary to categorize the forms
that you upload. Right now, anything you
create or upload requires manager privilege to
remove. I am working on ways to allow deletion and moving forms around the tree once they are uploaded.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2000-10-02

Need to modify &quot;OIO&quot;-folder properties after import

After successfully importing and adding "public"-folder to your Zope object tree. It is necessary to customize
the "OIO"-folder properties.

In Zope manage screen, click on the newly created "public"-folder to open the folder in the right panel. Click on the "properties" tab on the very top of the panel to display the list of properties that you
can control.... read more

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2000-09-03

Screenshots available

Go to to view the screenshots from the OIO.

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2000-08-31

HowTo Install and Use documentations added

Several How-To's have been added for the installation and use of the OIO. In particular, after you import the OIO into your Zope tree and create publicdb in your Postgresql DBMS, you will still need to add users to the OIO system.
I have posted the steps necessary to do this as well as details of how to create / use forms to collect data about patients.
You can find these documents at: read more

Posted by Andrew P. Ho 2000-08-30