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Alpha2 0.8.9

The latest version is made available for downloading. This will be the last Alpha version.
Heavily testing is appreciated!

Posted by BMS 2008-02-24

SSL/TSL Support

Since version 4.3.0 Qt supports SSL directly through QSslSocket. This makes it easier for us to include SSL in Open-MQ and we decided to postpone the first official version of Open-MQ to end of November this year and implement SSL. The upcoming beta release in a few days supports full Database support for queue types. Also the Windows version will be made available for testing.

Posted by BMS 2007-09-07

Alpha1 0.8.4

The alpha1 is the first version which implemented server to server connections via sender/receiver channels.

Posted by BMS 2007-05-15

Pre-alpha3 0.7.8

New bugfix release available.

Posted by BMS 2007-03-17

omqd crash after loading

There exists a char length bug in omqchin.cpp OMQChin::checkClient. This did not occure if you did not run "make install" and thus the secexit wasn't found nor on Solaris systems. You have two choices for passing:
1) remove /omq/var/exits/ (disable)
2) change exit_ip length in qstrncpy to match the value set in the declaration (OMQ_LENGTH_OBJ_NAME)

Posted by BMS 2007-03-07

Pre-alpha2 0.7.2

The new pre-alpha2 is now download able with many bug fixes.

There is still no server to server connections functionality.

Added omqput and omqget examples.

Posted by BMS 2007-02-06

Pre-alpha 0.6.9

A pre-alpha version is now download able.

Posted by BMS 2007-01-24

Initial repository upload

The current code state has been uploaded to the project page now. A first download able pre-alpha package will be built after new year eve. Until then you can use anonymous CVS to obtain snapshots of the source code.

We whish you a nice christmas time.

Posted by BMS 2006-12-02

OMQTiger screenshots

Made a couple of screenshots of the Open-MQ admin tool OMQTiger available.

We are still on track to release the pre-alpha version start of 2007.

Posted by BMS 2006-11-12

Official website went online

The first official presentation of our middleware project Open-MQ has been made public. We are welcome you to visit our webpage

Posted by BMS 2006-09-24

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