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Patch for background diagram

Unfortunately a bug was found in the background diagram for the Component diagram. Although it was handled correctly in Firefox, it didn't in Internet Explorer. The only file affected is /diagram/genchart/loadgen.svg, so you can replace only this file.

Posted by Jan van Santbrink 2007-02-17

New release with new features

Open Modeling 2.1.9 has a few important new features:

First a Relation Matrix has been implemented, showing relations in the metamodel as a matrix shape.
There are three kinds of matrices: Association, Create/use and Affinity.
The latter two are based on the detailed process diagrams (DPD) and present specific views.
(see help for more information)

Second an IDEF0 viewer and a generator have been implemented. The viewer represents all diagram links
and references to the outside world as flows in the IDEF0 format. If the metamodel supports the IDEF0
technique, the viewer data can be saved. The IDEF0 editor will be able to modify the generated scheme
to your needs.
(see help for more information)... read more

Posted by Jan van Santbrink 2007-01-31

Create your own model

Multiple questions came to us sounding like:

How can we create our own model and fill it with our own data?

Here we explain how this can be done?

Hope this explains!

Posted by Jan van Santbrink 2005-01-30

Better Mozilla and Linux support

The Mozilla usage of our software was not good enough. We changed that already on the demo site ( A new release is upcoming. This new release will make it possible to use:

  • IE in combination with Adobe SVG 6 beta
  • Mozilla in combination with Adobe SVG 6 beta, it wasn't possible to update our diagrams with Mozilla (due to missing postul support)
  • Mozilla SUSE Linux support running Adobe beta plug-inn
Posted by Jan van Santbrink 2004-03-20