Hello EVO T20 fans,

I recently bought some EVO T20 64/96 machines with WIN NE 4.0 on it, now i want to run debian (squeezy) with the EVO T20 and
i'm stuck after reading a lot of howto's on internet.
I managed to flash DSL to the T20's also managed to make my own bootp.bin file with a linux image and flash it to the T20.

Now my question is, is there a step by step tutorial/howto on the net that explains what i must do
to get debian (squeezy) running with the latest kernel (3.x.x) ??

Al i can find are outdated or not complete howto files wich describe just a part of the steps or death links to site's no longer
excisting :-(

Or could somebody help me out with the following problem, i got a kernel flashed to my T20 and it startup good only after startup
from the flashed image i got a message
Begin: Waiting for the root device.

Where do i look for solving this problem so my USB Stick is recognized as the root device, and wich files do i need on the
USB Stick to run a minimal system without the X Server.
I only need the basic system to run the T20 as a apache webserver or MySQL server.

Many thanks for any answer or reply on these questions.