I'm in Poland and AC supply here is 230V 50Hz (what a silly mistake with DC, sorry).

To be more specific, the situation looks like this - when DVE ps is disconnected the UPS behaves normally when I cut off the line input - it switches to battery power. Unfortunately when the DVE is plugged in and I cut off the line input or press the UPS TEST button on the front panel - everything (connected devices) goes off immediately. Total blackout, no sound / LED signalling prior to that. I have to switch it off and on again. I can't remember if the reset button on the back has to be pressed as the unit is being used right now (I could perform more tests some time later). So it's not the circuit breaker for the UPS's line input.

I've read that a certain types of power supplies can't be used with the UPS but the DVE seems to be an ordinary one to me so I don't know. I'm not sure about the grounding in the room where the UPS is being used but can it be related to the problem?

Pawel Dajczak

On 22 May 2012 23:55, gary <garys.listmail@pipeline.com> wrote:
Hi Pawel,

I have a number of APC UPS units, and have never observed
any sort of problems with the Evo DVE supplies.  I know I've
run these supplies from at least two different models of APC
units without problems.

I'm in the USA, so our AC supply is 120V and 60 Hz, what is
your system?

Could you provide a bit more data as to what specifically is

Is it a fuse on the APC circuit board which is blowing, or
is it the circuit breaker for the UPS's line input which is

You refer to the "DC power" being cut off... do you mean
loss of the AC input supply to the UPS?

Does the problem happen immediately, or does it occur after
some time period?

Sorry for so many questions... but I'm a bit puzzled by this
and need some more information to verify my hunch.


On 5/22/2012 3:08 PM, Paweł Dajczak wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I've recently reactivated my old Slackware11 16/32 Evo to
> act as a PPTP VPN gateway and it works great so I wanted to
> connect it to an APC UPC. The problem is that the DVE power
> supply blows the UPS fuse out every time the DC power is cut
> off. It's totally strange and I can't find an explanation
> for that. Any ideas? The UPS works fine with other thin
> client, modem, router etc.
> It would be nice if someone could verify / confirm that by
> connecting original DVE ps to an UPS (mine is an old APC 650
> simple signalling UPS but I don't know if it's relevant).
> --
> Sincerely,
> Pawel Dajczak

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