Let me shamelessly quote myself:

On 6 March 2011 15:34, Paweł Dajczak <totalizator@gmail.com> wrote:
On 5 March 2011 16:03, Maciej Czajkowski <czaja1026@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi. Is it possible to install let's say debian on the Compaq Evo T20?
I didn't have any luck googling it up.

Yes, It is possible to run Debian with T20. Although I would strongly suggest to use one of Frank Boehm's firmware+USB stick image sets which are Slackware 11/12. They are "ready to go" and include Evo specific patches so no further tweaking is required. Read some previous posts and follow this link: http://li-la.de/pub/baldar/Compaq_Evo_T20/Firmwares/. Theoretically you can wipe Slackware from the Frank's pre-made USB stick image and replace the files with other other system (using the partitions structure) but I haven't tested it personally.

For the last three years I have been using Slackware 11 on mine (16MB flash, 96 MB RAM) which is running 24/7 with apps like: Dante SOCKS proxy, Polipo proxy, Tinyproxy, Finch IM, shellinabox, Quake2/3 server, Weechat, thttpd and a few more, all running in the same time. 

Have fun!
Paweł Dajczak

On 28 April 2012 12:40, Wim van Dijk <cyprio80@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello EVO T20 fans,

I recently bought some EVO T20 64/96 machines with WIN NE 4.0 on it, now i want to run debian (squeezy) with the EVO T20 and
i'm stuck after reading a lot of howto's on internet.
I managed to flash DSL to the T20's also managed to make my own bootp.bin file with a linux image and flash it to the T20.

Now my question is, is there a step by step tutorial/howto on the net that explains what i must do
to get debian (squeezy) running with the latest kernel (3.x.x) ??

Al i can find are outdated or not complete howto files wich describe just a part of the steps or death links to site's no longer
excisting :-(

Or could somebody help me out with the following problem, i got a kernel flashed to my T20 and it startup good only after startup
from the flashed image i got a message
Begin: Waiting for the root device.

Where do i look for solving this problem so my USB Stick is recognized as the root device, and wich files do i need on the
USB Stick to run a minimal system without the X Server.
I only need the basic system to run the T20 as a apache webserver or MySQL server.

Many thanks for any answer or reply on these questions.


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