XE2 support

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-11

    do you have any plans to support XE2 ?

  • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

    XE2 now has its own driver odbc express. I'm still lost in thought on your question. Is there a need? I think …

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-11

    yes I should have explained further.

    I have a legacy ms access database that I was wanting to use with dbExpress and odbc rather than dbGo (ado).  Was thinking that it might also be possible to cross compile to osx with a FireMonkey app.

  • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

    embarcadero odbx dbXpress driver supports osx

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-12

    Are you saying that XE2 odbc dbexpress can talk to ms access directly without a LibraryName set, I was thinking it would need the the dbxooodbc.dll to work on XE2 ?

    After looking at the dbx_access_connect.pas file that I got going in a C++ XE project I see it is using the odbcjt32.dll vendor lib, so to get this going under XE2 and osx one would also need a compatible odbc ms access dll.  As far as I know MS doesn't support os x so probably a no go.

  • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

    XE2 ODBC DBExpress driver is available in the fullness of "$ (DELPHI) \ sources". It does not use external dbxpress dll.

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-26

    Thanks for your help and info,  I hadn't noticed that the sources were there.

    I had just before your post come across the actualtech one and one by OpenLink, I haven't investigated that aspect any further at this stage.

    In terms of using XE2 and dbExpress via TSQLConnection can you point me in the direction of how this can be setup to access a MS Access MDB ?

    I haven't come across any documentation in regard to this.  What would the dbxdrivers.ini look like e.g. LibraryName and GetDriverFunc ?

    Thanks again for any help.

  • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy


    "C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\dbExpress\9.0\dbxdrivers.ini"



    "C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\dbExpress\9.0\dbxconnections.ini"

    DataBase=Database Name


    procedure TDBXOdbcConnection.DerivedOpen;

      if ConnectionString <> '' then
        ErrorCode := FMethodTable.SQLDriverConnect(FConnectionHandle, 0, PSqlWChar(ConnectionString),
                                                   Length(ConnectionString), nil, 0, BufLen, SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT)
        ErrorCode := FMethodTable.SQLConnect(FConnectionHandle, PSqlWChar(DataSourceName), Length(DataSourceName),
                                             PSqlWChar(UserName), Length(UserName), PSqlWChar(Password), Length(Password));

    Connect string like dbxoodbc (excluding options dbxoodbc). The connection string is constructed on the basis of the documentation for odbc driver.

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-26

    Ahhh, I do appreciate the info.

    It seems why I couldn't figure out the ODBC files is that I don't have the DbxOdbcDriver160.bpl files let alone the source files on my install.

    By any chance is ODBC not available on XE2 Pro ?


  • Anonymous - 2011-10-26

    Have dbxconnections.ini and dbxdrivers.ini
    for XE(8.0) setting??

  • bdw_11

    bdw_11 - 2011-10-26

    Yep found the feature matrix last night, thanks.

    Shame its not part of Pro, so after all this maybe there is a need still for opendbx ? :-)

    Thanks again for you time in responding.

    I originally had used the dbx forum which led me to this site.

  • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

    >Shame its not part of Pro, so after all this maybe there is a need still for opendbx ? :-)

    it may depend on the number of willing and available time

  • Anonymous - 2012-07-16

    I try the ODBC dbexpress's driver in XE2.

    I think…
    I still like "Open dbExpress"!!!

    When will the introduction of support XE2?

    I very much expect!!!

  • Anonymous - 2012-07-17

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    Thank you for all your assistance!

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  • Eden

    Eden - 2013-08-07


    Could you follow current Delphi version to updated Open Dbexpress driver?

    This dbx driver is best!!!


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