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dbExpress Version 2.5 not supported yet

  • Sebastien78

    Sebastien78 - 2008-09-05


    I have installed D2007 with your driver version 3.100 and I receive "dbExpress Version 2.5 not supported yet"

    I have compile version D11 make sure it use this DLL and still same error.

    Do you have a Idea

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      Signifies you have untrue indicated the parameters of the connection. See the examples.

      dbx 2.5 down:


      dbx 3:

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      odbc unicode

      odbc ansi

      example : mssql 2005:

      object SQLConnection1: TSQLConnection
          DriverName = 'Db3SQLServer'
          GetDriverFunc = 'getSQLDriverODBCW'
          LibraryName = 'dbxoodbc.dll'
          LoginPrompt = False
          Params.Strings = (
              'DATABASE=DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=\SQLEXPRESS2005;Trust' +
          VendorLib = 'sqlncli.dll'
          Left = 52
          Top = 128

      example : mssql 2000:

        object SQLConnection1: TSQLConnection
          DriverName = 'DbxSQLServerW'
          GetDriverFunc = 'getSQLDriverODBCW'
          LibraryName = 'dbxoodbc.dll'
          LoginPrompt = False
          Params.Strings = (
            'DbxSQLServer TransIsolation=ReadCommited'
            'Trim Char=True'
              'Custom String=coConnectionString=DATABASE=dbxoodbc;Trusted_Conne' +
            'Prepare SQL=False')
          VendorLib = 'sqlsrv32.dll'
          Left = 56
          Top = 64

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

    • Sebastien78

      Sebastien78 - 2008-09-09

      OK Thanks for this points It Working

      But still having probleme with CWBODBC.dll Iseries vendor.

      Do you know this one with DELPHI 2007

      • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

        I have no db2. Additionally you do not describe your problem detailed. Describe the parameters of the connection and errors...

    • Sebastien78

      Sebastien78 - 2008-09-11

      Hello Vadim,

      I trying to compile statically into my program the driver. I have Add DbxOpenOdbc and add .\dbxoodbc_version_3_100_at_2008-03-24\Source in the search path.

      When I compile my application I see that is compiling the driver.

      But it will not stop in to my break point. I don't see any blue point(compile point) in the left side of the code except in the Initialization and Finalization.

      I'm using driver version 3.100 2008-24 into Delphi2007

      • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

        uses ..., DbxOpenOdbcStatic;

        In Delphi 2007 such possibilities not mortgaged. This I have did more for itself. But can appear the problem with termination of exhibit. The Decision this below:

        procedure HaltEx(uExitCode: Integer = 0);
          TerminateProcess(OpenProcess(PROCESS_TERMINATE, False, GetCurrentProcessID()), uExitCode);

        procedure TFormMain.FormClose(Sender: TObject;
          var Action: TCloseAction);
           //close resources
          // quick close application (all memory will be freed by os)

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      The Latest version is: '3.100 (2008-05-12)'

    • Sebastien78

      Sebastien78 - 2008-09-15

      Hi M. Vadim,

      I have a other issus.

      In the function "TCustomSQLDataSet.GetFieldData" from SQLexpr.pas it is setting the FFieldBuffer length to 11 but I have some parameter name that have 11 charactere.

      When he is getting the Ansistring It is looking for the next "/0" end string, and it overpass memory.

      For Exemple let say that I have 3 parameters  : IO_NAME, IO_PROGDESC, IO_ERROR

      In your driver I see it OK those tree parameter but in SQLexpr It's gaving me
      where ? is garbage

      Parameter 1 = I O _ N A M E /0 ? ? ? return IO_NAME
      Parameter 2 = I O _ P R O G D E S C  return IO_PROGNAME??? will go to the next /0 char in memory
      Parameter 3 = I O _ E R R O R /0 ? ?  

      Where Came from the Length in this ligne?
            Column.Size           := Length;
      in this constructor
      constructor TDBXDynalinkReader.Create(DBXContext: TDBXContext;

      Can it be add by 1 to make sure that /0 is at the end?

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy


      --- BEGIN CUT: ---
        DbxOpenOdbcVersion = '3.100 (2008-05-12): Beta';
      --- END CUT. ---

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      For debug:

      module: DbxOpenOdbc.pas
      method: function TSqlCursorOdbc.getString

    • Sebastien78

      Sebastien78 - 2008-09-16

      I have made a little modification.

      I have had a option in TConnectionOptions (coSysNaming) default to "osoff"

      when driver is eOdbcDriverTypeIbmDb2AS400 turn it to "osOn"

      In procedure TSqlCursorMetaDataProcedureParams.FetchProcedureParams;

      add a internal procedure

        SysNamingSchema : String;

        //Added by Sebastien to remove duplicated parameter
        function RetrieveProcedureSchemaForSysNaming(pProcName : PAnsiCHAR) : String;
          Len: LongWord;
          Cursor: ISQLCursor25;
          aStoredProcSchema: string;
          IsBlank: LongBool;
          aResult: SQLResult;
          aResult := self.fOwnerMetaData.getProcedures(pProcName,0,Cursor);
          if aResult = SQL_SUCCESS then begin
            aResult :=;
            if aResult = SQL_SUCCESS then begin
              Cursor.getString(3, PAnsiChar(aStoredProcSchema), IsBlank);
              result := aStoredProcSchema;


          ParseTableName(SearchCatalogName, SearchSchemaName, SearchProcedureName);

          if (fSqlConnectionOdbc.fConnectionOptions[coSysNaming] = osOn) then
            SysNamingSchema := RetrieveProcedureSchemaForSysNaming(SearchProcedureName);
            OdbcRetcode := SQLProcedureColumns(fHStmt,
              fMetaCatalogName, SQL_NTS, // Catalog name
              pAnsiChar(SysNamingSchema), SQL_NTS, // Schema name
              fMetaTableName, SQL_NTS, // Procedure name match pattern
              SearchParamName, SQL_NTS); // Column name match pattern
            OdbcRetcode := SQLProcedureColumns(fHStmt,
            fMetaCatalogName, SQL_NTS, // Catalog name
            fMetaSchemaName, SQL_NTS, // Schema name
            fMetaTableName, SQL_NTS, // Procedure name match pattern
            SearchParamName, SQL_NTS); // Column name match pattern
          if OdbcRetcode <> OdbcApi.SQL_SUCCESS then
            OdbcCheck(OdbcRetcode, 'SQLProcedureColumns');

      Thanks is the modification that I have done for Iseries driver for naming convention "sysnaming"

    • Vadim V.Lopushanskiy

      I have added your changes (AS 400) into new version "3.200, 2008-09-18".

        + Added support Delphi 2009 (for details see ChangesLog.Txt)
        + DbxObjectParser.pas: optimization and fixed regexp expression for mssql
        + fixed read stored proc parameters for Db2AS400 (eOdbcDriverTypeIbmDb2AS400)
        + update FastMM4.pas to 4.90
        + chahged - regexp tools (for DbxObjectParser.pas).
        + fixed stored proc for unicode
        + added oracle demo: Source\Demos\DBMS\ORACLE\RefCursor\ORARefCursor.dpr (ftCursor).


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