GNU Cobol 2.0 with additional Report Writer module

Ron Norman has developed a Report Writer module for GNU Cobol 2.

Testing copy is posted to SVN at

svn checkout svn:// gnu-cobol-reportwriter

See for some build instructions.

Many thanks to Ron.


Posted by Brian Tiffin 2013-11-23 Labels: reportwriter
  • DaveR

    DaveR - 2014-04-05

    Clicking on
    See for some build instructions.

    Error 404

    We're sorry but we weren't able to process this request.

    Cheers Dave

    • Simon Sobisch

      Simon Sobisch - 2014-04-06

      Thank you, link corrected (I've renamed the boards for removing as most as possible cryptic numbers - and SF is not able to look up the numeric values after renaming).



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