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  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-11-19

    Is the opposite of GNU, G-old?

  • mike eshragh

    mike eshragh - 2013-11-20

    Should we call people of sourceforge who know GC very well GNUologist?

    ... GOLDologist?!!

    • Brian Tiffin

      Brian Tiffin - 2013-11-21


  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-11-25

    The wizard dog?

    Labracadabrador retriever.

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-11-25

    Dude, do you know any sodium hypobromite jokes?


    Dude, how about nitric oxide?


  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-11-29

    A lawyer, and engineer and a doctor are playing golf. The foursome in front of them is taking forever on every hole, slowing everybody down, so they all get annoyed. The club's ranger drives by and the lawyer asks the ranger why the group ahead is taking so long.

    The ranger tells them that they are firefighters who were blinded in a fire at the golf course's clubhouse last year and since then, the club lets them play for free.

    Of course the three feel bad about getting angry, but they still want to finish their round.

    The lawyer says, "I should call my friend who does liability work to see if he can help them get a better settlement."

    The doctor says, "I have a colleague who is doing work on regenerating eyesight. I'll call and see if she can help these heroes."

    The engineer says, "Why don't these guys just play at night?"

    Last edit: Brian Tiffin 2013-11-29
  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-12-04

    Sorry, but I gotta laugh out loud every time I get to see Java from a C fanboy point of view.

    fanboy point of view

    Edit: Won't really fit inline see

    Last edit: Brian Tiffin 2013-12-07
  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2013-12-07

    668 the neighbour of the beast

    666B the tenant of the beast

    0.00150150150... the reciprocal of the beast

    vi vi vi the editor of the beast

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-07-25

    I had a root beer, poured it into a square cup, now it's beer!

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-08-14

    How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?


  • Bill Woodger

    Bill Woodger - 2014-08-14

    Here's that fabulous new costume I promised to show you, darling!

    Promises, promises, you cat. That's guipé.

  • Joe Robbins

    Joe Robbins - 2014-08-20

    I decided to get rid of my Hoover.

    Well, it was only gathering dust!

    [Voted best joke Edinburgh Fringe 2014]

  • Brian

    Brian - 2014-08-27

    why did mother nature never intend to let flowers ride a bike?
    'cause sooner or later the pedals fall off

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-08-28

    Overheard at a dance club

    "Oh, you have to hear this band I just discovered; L.E.D. Zeppelin"

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-09-06

    What did the 80 year old pirate yell on his birthday?

    Aye Matey!

    • Vincent (Bryan) Coen

      Leave it to the professionals !


      On 06/09/14 12:41, Brian Tiffin wrote:

      What did the 80 year old pirate yell on his birthday?

      Aye Matey!

      • Brian Tiffin

        Brian Tiffin - 2014-09-07

        What do clouds wear under their shorts?


  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-09-19

    For ITLAPD.

    What's a pirate's favourite letter?

    Arrr, you'd think it might R, or Aye,
    but they loves the C.

    • James F

      James F - 2017-01-23

      That reminds me of a joke I heard when I was helping with a production of "Grease".

      What's a greaser's favorite letter?


      ...I sincerely apologize.

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-09-19

    The irate hungry pirate ate rat pie at a breakneck pie rate.

    (Oh, and pirates get irate when I rate pirates)

    Last edit: Brian Tiffin 2014-09-19
  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2016-04-05

    The lady down the street didn't believe I could build a car out of spaghetti.

    You should have seen the look on her face when I drove pasta.

  • PatMcC

    PatMcC - 2016-04-05

    Nice :)
    I just found this thread, I love the "as seen by" picture a few posts up :)

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2016-04-08

    If it wasn't for C ...

    We'd all be programming in BASI and OBOL.

  • PatMcC

    PatMcC - 2016-04-09

    and if there wasn't B there wouldn't have been C and we would have:

    ASI and OOL

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2016-04-12

    This is your captain speaking


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