Windows build files?

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-06-21

    What did Robin say to Batman just before they got in the car?

    "Holy subversion Batman. Did someone just check in native Windows build support?"

    Is that what commit [r297] is?

    Yayys. It'll appease a lot of people's angst if it is what I think it is.




    Commit: [r297]

  • Simon Sobisch

    Simon Sobisch - 2014-06-21

    Yep (as it was promised before). Native Windows build support is in r297, in the commits before and in the commits to come, too (some IDEs/compilers are near finished and not committed, the inclusion of gettext is currently missing).

    I'll upload a collection of the pre-requites (header, libs and dlls) here at sourceforge afterwards.

    Beginning with the GNU Cobol 2.0rc tarball upload there will be a winsource.7z with build_windows included and win binaries for at least some compilers, too (if anyone has suggestions for the file names post them here).

    I've started the projects long time ago and passed them to Philipp together with the TODO list. He has done a good work in this and we've done tweaking to the testsuite, too. If you have a working cygwin or MinGW environment you can easily test your "native" windows builds, too.

    Just choose the win project you need, open and build it. Afterwards open MSYS/cygwin and change to your GNU Cobol source dir, entering

    cd test
    cp atlocal atlocal_cygmin
    cp atlocal_vs atlocal
    cd ../extras
    make clean
    cd ..
    make check

    This helped us finding some Win/VS related problems and fix them before committing r297.



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