svn repository for contributions moved... and compressed

  • Simon Sobisch

    Simon Sobisch - 2014-08-13

    The contributions have their own repository now. All commits from repository "code" path "trunk/contrib" where moved to the new repository "contrib" path "/trunk", some revisions where compressed into one revision, including corrections that were done in the original revision instead of a later one. For not using the old repo the folder "trunk/contrib" was deleted there.

    Therefore you need a new checkout from the new repository url svn:// if you want to have the latest esql, printcbl, wumpus ... or want to develop it further.

    A possible next step would be the move of contrib (tools, samples [including games]) to a sub-project with it's own tools (forum/tracker) and to keep this project clean (compiler, runtime). Any thoughts about this?

    Any thoughts about a better title for Contributions in the navigation?


    • Brian Tiffin

      Brian Tiffin - 2014-08-14

      Agree, split decision kinda.

      I like the fact that the source kit comes with fluffy extras. Perhaps before a total split, some few of the utilities in contrib get moved to extras, and part of the build chain?

      Or, we finally come to grips with a world wide repository of public COBOL sources and keep the compiler source kit clean and focused?

      In short Simon, my contribution to the discussion would be to ask the same questions you just did. :-)


  • Luke Smith

    Luke Smith - 2014-08-18

    I'm thinking, once the final polished up version of

    apt-get install gnu-cobol

    is done, the

    man cobol 
    info cobol

    pages should have a copy of hello world right up front and center. So that newbies don't have to spend any time looking for it.

    Unix/Linux man pages tell everything in the world, except what I want to know. Spending hours, or days, reading man pages to find out how to put several options together to get what I want... Instead of finding a list of examples that show me what I want right there. Techno geeks (myself included) don't make good documentation writers.

    Let's beef up the man/info pages with lots of examples and sample programs.

    In the other post, I agree with Simon. The cobc shouldn't do samples. If man/info had them, then that's all that's needed. The man/info pages could also have a link of where to get applications, games, and etc...

    It makes more sense to keep the etc in a separate trunk or sub-project.

  • Robert W.Mills

    Robert W.Mills - 2014-11-05

    Simon: If you want a new name for 'Contributions' then how about 'GnuCOBOL CSL (Contributed Software Library)'?


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