Doxygen and GNU Cobol

  • Brian Tiffin

    Brian Tiffin - 2014-07-24

    A reminder post.

    Full on, world class, auto generated COBOL documentation.

    Along with ROBODoc, this will add another option for interactive HTML and LaTeX output forms.

     Edit these lines in your Doxyfile:
     FILE_PATTERNS = *.cob *.cpy 
     INPUT_FILTER = "sed -e 's|*><*|//!|'" 
     Add a brief description to the top of each file: 
     *><* Default brief description. 
     *><* @author COBOL coder
     *><* @file 

    Woohoo. Doxygen and COBOL. Initial test worked, but will need to explore all the nifty options and what documentation tags are appropriate, especially for getting at call graphs.


    • Brian Tiffin

      Brian Tiffin - 2014-08-18


      Voting, fail. No woohoo, no call graphs, just sad. ;-)

      There are too many deltas in the source scanner, and it'll be heart breaking without building a full Doxygen lexer specific to COBOL. Not a small thing.

      The C output? Oh yeah, Doxygen is still the best, but not the COBOL. Not with shoehorns and duct tape, not even close. :-)

      Anyone wanting auto generated COBOL documentation, from within freebie land, ROBODoc may still be a best bet, or ocdoc, both requiring a little more effort.


      Last edit: Brian Tiffin 2014-08-18

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