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#49 VBISAM 2.0 and CE 59 issues

Luke Smith

VBISAM 2.0 with CE 59 has these issues.

1) Open I-O creates the files (fobar.dat and fobar.idx) but returns 00 file status. It should be 05.

2) Read next of the newly created file (after doing a Start key > low-values) returns 00, should be 10 for EOF.

3) Got a 49 error (not in rewrite mode) trying to do a rewrite. Possibly this error is due to using variable length records that are not supported in VBISAM. I will try again when variable length records are supported in VBISAM.

I don't have a sample program yet. It may be a while because I don't have VBISAM installed right now. When I get to a place where I can re-install it, I'll write a sample program.

(None of the above errors happen when using Berkeley.)


  • Ron Norman

    Ron Norman - 2015-03-04
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Ron Norman
  • Ron Norman

    Ron Norman - 2015-03-04

    This issue has been resolved in the reportwriter branch as of revision 525


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