I'm interested in would take to create a Haiku port to the BeagleBoard ARM8 Cortex architecture.

I've read a few different message threads on an ARM port for NewOS, but not much on Haiku.

The BeagleBoard is single board computer with an ARM8 Cortex CPU / OMAP3530 architecture.

It's clocked at 600 MHz /w 128MB onboard RAM and 256MB of NAND flash.  DVI-D / SVGA video out,
Stereo in/out, USB 2.0 and RS-232.  It has an SD/MMC slot.  It has a built-in NEON DSP and 2D/3D graphics.
It costs about $150 US.

It should be able to run a cross-compiled kernel and Haiku OS. 

This would be a significant amount of work, but maybe not impossible.

1. You would have to port the kernel.  I've done some ARM assembler.
2. You would have to create keyboard / video / disk and perhaps USB drivers.

What other issues would you look at?  Probably some sort of custom boot loader?

In addition to reading the kernel sources, is there a hackers, porting or architectural guide to the kernel?


Jim Burnes