Help is no help

  • Anonymous - 2003-12-05

    Is it me or are these the same 25 messages I have been staring at, unanswered (with the exception of a very few), for months?  Is this forum just window dressing?  Why have a help board if no one has the time or inclination to answer questions?  As you can see, there are messages going back to 7-24-2002 with no reply.

    I hold no hope for my previous post.

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-08

      Think about where you are - these are the help forums for the openbeos project.

      Are you using openbeos? Obviously you aren't, as it isn't finished yet. Instead you're asking for help on a product produced by completely different people. Why don't you try asking at Microsoft's forum?

      I think this forum will be much more active when openbeos is released, and people need help with it. For help with BeOS R5, you should go to a help forum at one of the "BeOS" sites - or are both a lot more active than this.

      Good luck with finding the answer to your problem. I've had a stab- but you'd get better responses from more knowlegeable people by posting somewhere designed for "BeOS" problems, and not for problems with the as-yet-non-existant "OpenBeOS".

      And a final rant - it's easy to sit there and complain when nobody answers your question - but how many times have you posted an answer to somebody? Have you read all of the "unanswered" questions to see if you can help with any of them? I think it's unfair to expect others to answer your questions without you being prepared to answer those of others.


    • Anonymous - 2003-12-08

      I see, so you have no interest in helping someone with a question about installing an obviously necessary platform (namely BeOS R5) to coexist with other complete OSes, so as not to render his system totally useless while he considers testing an obviously incomplete OS without a public name and whether or not his time would be best spent on other endeavors.

      Does that pretty much sum up your post, or have I misread you?

      Damn, I feel like formatting my BeOS partition now.

      Microsoft's forum indeed!  Could you have been more insulting?

      • Sigma Nunki

        Sigma Nunki - 2003-12-08

        Let's be reasonable Hamuka.  If you read Tangobravo's post he makes some very good points.  The biggest one being that this isn't help for BeOS but OpenBeOS.  Which isn't finished yet so none of us can be using it.

        And yes, you did misread the post.  If you actually read it, he did point you to 2 sites where you could get some help.  So, he did help you.

        I won't defend the way he did it but his demeanor isn't at issue here.  It's if he helped you, which he did.  So, quit bitching and move onto the other sites, get some help and enjoy the BeOS experience.

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-09

      Firstly I apologise for the tone of my post. After re-reading it, I considered instantly posting an apology for the tone. In the end, I decided to leave it, as it was quite an accurate reflection of how I felt.

      Now let me try and explain my annoyance. Your original post was quite "accusatory" in tone - "help is no help", "is this just window dressing", etc. I felt that was unfair, as your post was off-topic for an OpenBeOS help forum. OK, so you can link it to OpenBeOS. However, I can also link it to Microsoft - "How can I set up Windows NT's bootloader to boot a BeOS partition?".

      Why do you think I should have an interest in helping you? I don't have anything to do with the OpenBeOS project, all I am is a bloke who has used BeOS for a bit. If you think that an official member of the OpenBeOS team has an obligation to answer your post, then I'm afraid you are mistaken - they have far more important things to do with their time. My only interest in helping you is because I would like to see more people using BeOS. That is just down to my personal generosity though - there is no reason that I, or anyone, "must" try to help with your problem.

      As to the question of whether or not I actually helped you, as sigma_nunki pointed out, I posted you to 2 more active sites to try your problem on. I also attempted to answer the problem myself, although I admit I know little about multibooting off 2 partitions. What more do you seriously expect me (or anyone) to do?

      So you might feel like formatting your BeOS partition, but I feel like I won't bother spending about an hour every day going to the more accurate support forums and trying to answer people's questions. Go to begroovy and see how many replies I (tb100) have posted in the support forum.

      So, sorry for the venom, but I'm doing my best - which is already far more than you have a right to expect.

      And yes, I'm still angry, so again I apologise for the tone of this post. All the points I make are serious, though.


    • Anonymous - 2003-12-10

      All respondents in this thread have made one fatal assumption -- that I was bitching about the lack of response to my post.  After posting my original help message, I noticed there were quite a few threads in this forum that went unanswered.  Thus, I held no hope for my question.  Since I am beyond the point of being redundant, I will leave it at that and stand on my obervation.

      I appreciate your apology.  I too have been misunderstood and I apologize.


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