rtl8029 detected & enabled but no IRQ???

  • Sigma Nunki

    Sigma Nunki - 2003-12-08

    Hi all,
      I have a realtek 8029 nic and it works just dandy in Win98 and OpenBSD 3.3 but all is not well in BeOS.  I have installed R5 Personal Edition and have PnP OS set to Yes in my CMOS.

      It does show up in my device list and is set to enabled but doesn't have an IRQ!

      My searches have found that this chipset is supported "out of the box" so if anyone has any suggestions...

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-08

      Set PnP OS to "No"

      Try finding a newer driver on www.bebits.com


    • Sigma Nunki

      Sigma Nunki - 2003-12-10

        thanks for the tip but it didn't work.  But I did manage to figure the thing out (questions remain but it works) for those who are interested.

        I had installed BeOS v5.0.3 Personal edition and it did get detect my card but didn't give it an IRQ.  So, I installed Pro on a seperate partition booted and it detected my nic without fail.

        So, the problem is either a problem with PE running on a FAT system ie. some interaction with Windows or something like that.  Or the PE has problems with this nic.

        Since this card - from what I've read - has been supported by BeOS from quite some time now I have a tendancy to believe that it is the fault of BeOS running on the Windows (FAT) partition.

        Any for what it's worth there's my "fix" and thoughts on it.

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-11

      Ah - are you loading BeOS by going into windows and then clicking the "Start BeOS" shortcut? I had some problems with a graphics card when I did that. The soultion I found was to stop Windows loading, by going into DOS "safe mode" (for windows 98, hold shift-F5 at boot up) - then cd'ing to the BeOS directory and running loadbeos.com.

      I wrote a batch file to speed up the process a bit - so I could just hold shift-F5, type "b" and press return, and BeOS would boot fine. You could also use a BeOS boot disk to stop windows grabbing all the IRQs, but I found this took much longer.



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