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  • Aaron Fletcher

    Aaron Fletcher - 2003-11-20

    I hear that tunetrackers new tech support
    bot is some pretty spiffy AI
    that its going to overtime learn
    howto help users with tunetracker.
    Now wouldn't be neet to do something
    like that openbeos?
    users could feed it problems
    and it would grow and develep
    over time (pretty soon it nos
    that the open beos has trouble
    with a specific card and tells
    them try bedrivers ;)
    walks them through installing
    there isa modem

    • lichtgestalt

      lichtgestalt - 2003-11-21

      That's a brilliant idea!!
      I've mailed Dane for some clues to the Superbot. Here's what he had to say (hope he doesn't mind me quoting him):

      "Go to and create an account.  Then log in and you can start creating your bot immediately.  It will then be accessible to all once you have it set up.  Amazingly, it's a free service.  It's based on the very smart A.L.I.C.E. artificial intelligence system.

      One thing to know that will save you a lot of work.  The wildcard for questions is _ .  So rather than putting questions in a zillion different ways, you can do things like...

      Q.  _ print screen?

      A. To do a screen grab, hit the print screen button by itself.  You can cause a lockup if you include the ALT key as you would in Windows.

      Hope it helps!"

      However, I'm not sure if starting an OBOS-Bot right now is such a good idea. After all OpenBeOS will be renamed soon and I don't know if all its training will be wasted then.
      Maybe Michael Phipps and the admin team will start such a bot with the new project name unofficially and then reveal it for further training with the new website...(hint, hint). I'd be eager to help with questions and answers AFAIK them.
      OTOH, I dunno if the admins read all postings in this forum. So, since it was your idea elfsoul, maybe you should mail all this directly to Michael, if there's no reply within the next week. Right?

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2003-11-22

      I'm not sure this is such a great idea.

      Have you even tried "talking" to max? He tends to start asking random questions and then just completely misunderstanding the responses. I'm glad I didn't want to get any detailed information out of him.

      The only time it is useful is when you ask an exact question that is in his database, and then he responds with a stock answer. A well-organised FAQ is much better IMHO - as then if the question isn't listed in the appropriate category the user knows that there isn't an answer in the FAQ for it, but with a "superbot" they might just not be asking quite the right question.


      • lichtgestalt

        lichtgestalt - 2003-12-01

        Maybe you're right, Simon. Or it's just the lack of training of the TuneTracker bot. Let's wait and see how that one develops first.
        In any way this bot isn't an alternative of a well maintained FAQ. It's just a fun addition... if it works.

        OTOH, maybe considering the wealth of information for a complete OS, effective training of a bot would be practically impossible. It's just so much more than one app for a specific niche market.

    • Aaron Fletcher

      Aaron Fletcher - 2003-11-23

      thanks for the link. i've been looking up information
      on it and looks like you have be able to
      anwser all the users questions yourself.
      And then program patterns to match
      to their anwsers.
      It isn't as sophisticated as I thought it
      was going to be
      (though I wonder what you get for signing up
      for a membership).


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