Frustation of lack of news.

  • heineb

    heineb - 2004-03-19

    Hi OpenBeos Community,

    Please please please post some more news.... For years now I've been waiting for the OpenBeos project to be just right the corner and the show could go on. With the lack of news from the team combined with the recent departure of two main figures have left me in dispear and frustration. Please let the rest of us know how far you are.. whats going on the roadmap... yT doesn't really seem like a proper alternative and if you have lost your energi let us at least know so we doen't get lost illusions.. We need something to keep up the spirit...

    • MichaelPhipps

      MichaelPhipps - 2004-03-19

      I don't know what sort of news you would like to hear.

      Yes, we are still around and still working hard. I don't know what "two main figures". The only person that I can think of is DarkWyrm, who had medical issues. That is FAR from a lack of confidence in the project or anything.

      I posted an update in the newsletter in October. That is sort of our "big" status. There are probably 50 checkins a week (estimate). Most things are moving along. Axel is slamming on the kernel right now. I am finishing ScreenSaver. Marcus is still on the Media Kit.

      I am afraid that no matter how fast we go, no one will be satisfied with our progress. :-/ We are workiing hard. I refuse to pull developers from writing code into making status reports. If you are really that curious, get on the CVS commit list. It is availble in batch mode (about 10 at a time). You will see what I do - roughly 8-10 checkins a day. We are working as fast as we can.

      • heineb

        heineb - 2004-03-22

        Hi Michael,

        Thank you very much for your nice reply. I didn't mean to sound like an ungrateful teenager and I can't say how much I appreciate you and your co-coders hard work on bringing BeOS back - perhaps it was because it was friday....  I fully understand your arguments and I agree with you - It's just hard some times to keep believing that no news are good news.. :-)
        So your answer and the upcoming WalterCon sure hit the right spot. So to you and all at the OpenBeos project - Thank you very much for everything and I almost can't wait to see your results..

        Best regards


      • Anonymous - 2004-04-23

        I completely agree with -heineb-, when there are no news for weeks it does not look good, it makes an uncomfortable feeling.

        " Axel is slamming on the kernel right now. I am finishing ScreenSaver. Marcus is still on the Media Kit. "
        That's exactly the type of news the community is eager for. It does show that progress is being done - and if you (or even some volunteering person) could put such a note once in a week, it would be wounderful.

        • Anonymous - 2004-04-23

          The quote given by Michael would be pretty much the same every week then though. Axel would still be slamming on the kernel, marcus would still be working on media kit, etc. Having months of exactly the same news is no more reasuring than no news.

          If you really want to know what is happening with the project, look at the individual team mailing lists and the cvs mailing list.

          Maybe it's time someone started a fan website who regularly checks all these info sources and posts news on a regular basis. If I had more time, that someone might even be me :D



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