BeOS vs other OS (AmigaOS, MorphOS...)???

  • Anonymous - 2003-12-16

    Hi everybody; first a big thanks and "courage"to the devt team!
    I'm browsing a tol of OS those time and looking for a general purpose one, but very easy to use, and light/fast, in order to build the cheapest computer ever for productivity/internet (90% of people uses); Linux is heavy and complex, XP is expensive and heavy, Mac is expensive, I see BeOS (works fine on 266MHz), AmigaOS, MorphOS (beautiful but didn't try yet!) and... DOS/Geoworks (ok, not a real OS, nor modern but so easy and was working on my 4.77MHz/512KB! amazing!).
    I'll use the Geode CPU if I don't find anything cheaper: all in one chip. Connected to a TV at least. (cheaper)

    So: did anyone make a real comparison of BeOS vs other alternative OS for speed, harware requirements, ease of use, apps richness and purposes, etc. please? So that I can at last know why BeOS is "the best" not on a technical point of view (that I know!from far!;-D) but for end user: if you want success, THEY have to know why should they go to an alternative one.
    My project is for offering easy and very cheap computers for schools, poor countries, "my mom want a xmas present", etc...; remember 500$ computers of the 80's! (atari, amiga, MSX...).

    Any advice about the harware, the OS, the apps would be welcome!

    thanks and agin "courage" boys, I wish I was a OS programmer to help you...!

    • Greg Thomas

      Greg Thomas - 2003-12-28

      BeOS is very cool. I don't know the status of the 'commercial' version of it these days (the old one from Be, not Zeta). It would be a great choice for old computers.

      Unfortunately the Open Source version isn't yet to a stage where you could rely on it as a free OS for now. Probably at this stage you would need to wade through the Linux distros or create your own :-(

      I'm making the assumption that you want a free OS.

      On the other hand if you are prepared to pay a little money to put an OS onto a second hand computer then I'm not sure what to recomend. I'm an Amiga user at heart, but Workbench only runs on real Amiga's and that includes the new (PPC only) version 4.0 which was releaseed in November 2003.

      MorphOS is free, but it comes bundled with their hardware. Actually now that I think about it, the guy who runs Genisi (CEO - Bill Buck) would probably be sympathetic and provide his OS for cheap or maybe free - but it only runs on PPC hardware...

      There are a couple of other alternatives if its for non profit use. QNX ( and Sun Solaris (

      BeOS, MorphOS and QNX all share the same heritage of coming from the Amiga in concept, but they are all incompatible.

      Though not much software available, for newbie computer users QNX is probably the way to go.

      • Anonymous - 2004-03-07

        Also QNX actually predates the Amiga. The first version of QNX was released in 1982 (by Quantum Software) when development was just starting on the Amiga.

    • Cian Duffy

      Cian Duffy - 2003-12-31

      BeOS did NOT come from the Amiga in concept. Not at all. JLG worked for *APPLE*. Different end of the scale entirely

    • Czeslaw Czapla

      Czeslaw Czapla - 2004-01-01

      Hello, Cian. I'm interested in what you mean when you say "different end of the scale" here. I don't mean to contest your claim. Actually, I'm hoping that you would be willing to elaborate on this a bit so that I can understand what you mean.

      Many thanks,

      Czeslaw Czapla

    • Anonymous - 2004-01-01

      One thing to consider when you think of AmigaOS and MorphOS is hardware price, since they are PowerPC based OSs. Okay, if you have a source for older used PowerPC systems, then you'll be fine, I guess.

      If you want to build larger amounts of systems, though, and need to buy new hardware, I don't see how PowerPC systems could play in the same league as x86 hardware. There are four sources for PowerPC computers I know of: 1.) Apple (expensive) 2.) IBM workstations (can't imagine they're cheap ;-) 3.) from and 4.) some other mainboard from a German company.

      I've heard about the latter two when reading about the new AmigaOS (I think the version number is 4) that was supposed to come out for the last couple years. I'm not up-to-date with the situation in the Amiga camp, but those hardware offerings (3 and 4 in my list) were both slower and more expensive than what you can get in the x86 market.

      HTH, Chris

    • Greg Thomas

      Greg Thomas - 2004-01-01

      Perhaps you were were unaware of words of the founder of Be:

      By Jean-Louis Gasse
      "To us at Be, the Amiga was an inspiration because of its audio and video capabilities. Also, we drew a distinction between Commodore and the Amiga, which investors didn't always do. I remember times during our fund raising when the mention of Amiga as a model drew alarmed looks. Telling them they were wrong wasn't really an option. Nevertheless, because of our old Amiga connection, I still have a license plate that reads AMIGA 96 -- given to me when we introduced the BeBox."

      Amiga 96 is something I heard a long time ago. He may have worked at Apple, but when the Amiga came out they were shitting themselves because it was so far superior to the monochrome Mac. The fact that Commodore were morons is what saved the Mac and killed the Amiga...

      As I stated earlier BeOS takes off from Amiga. If you have used and Amiga extensively and then used BeOS you really feel like you are using a new revision of the same Amiga OS. It feels almost exactly the same - except no Directory Opus  :-(

    • Cian Duffy

      Cian Duffy - 2004-01-03

      "Different end of the scale" refers to the fact that Amigas were and are hobbiest home machines, and that Apples were and are serious professional tools, albeit with an OS (at least up to 9) that a monkey could use.

      I've used the Amiga, although not much, and I used System 7 far too much and I'm getting back into the swing of using System 8 now - BeOS feels *far* more like the Mac than the Amiga.

    • Chris

      Chris - 2004-01-15

      morphos is beautiful and fast...and open beos will be ported to the pegasos won't it?


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