OBOS is legal?

  • Carlos Ortega

    Carlos Ortega - 2003-10-02

    Like I've read in ComputerWorld "About 30 developers are trying to re-create the features of the operating system through reverse engineering, in order to let users run third-party applications written for BeOS"

    Reverse engineering isn't illegal?
    Palm could demand OBOS team for that?

    Thanx and sorry if I'd being stupid for ask that

    Sorry about my English :(

    • Mike Nordell

      Mike Nordell - 2003-10-10

      It's legal.

      Even if OBOS used reverse engineering it would be legal depending on what country the r/e was conducted in. I also believe even the USA allows reverse engineering (!) for the sake of interoperability, last I checked at least.

      But, since OBOS is an implementation of the BeOS based on (publicly) documented interfaces and behaviours, that question is moot.

      Just accept that often "news media" cares more of what (in the USA is known as) the "bottom line" than factual correctness.


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