Central Registry in OBOS?

  • sky

    sky - 2004-04-21

    I was wondering if anybody thought that a central registry was a good idea.  As far as I know, Windows is the only OS with a registry and I hate it (as with about everything else in Windows!).  For example, when I load a new program some of the .dll's get overwritten because the have the same filename and same size, however they are different versions.  So the other program was using the original .dll version now doesn't work properly and it crashes Windows.  Sure, it saved disk space in the early 90's and programs can share some of there resources when installed, but personally I don't think it is a good idea.  What do other peops think?

    • Zack M

      Zack M - 2004-04-22

      a central registry is a good idea if it is implemented correctly.. the dll hell you are describing hasn't really been a problem since windows 2000 and up.

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-22

      The registery isn't really to do with dll's - it is just a common place to store settings and things. In BeOS I guess it's like the mime type database combined with all the seperate files for each app in /boot/home/config/settings/

      As for dll's (shared libraries in BeOS), they are either place somewhere global to the system (which could cause the problem you describe) or just in the app directory, which doesn't suffer the problem.


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