The road to project milestones...

  • Oliver A. Nowak

    Oliver A. Nowak - 2004-02-29

    What I think would be a very nice thing to have is a milestone based progress check list. It could be an important source of motivation inside and (if published publicly) outside of the team and could have the effect of directing the focus of the activities inside the project.

    I know, there already are the progress bars of the separate teams, but I think it would make sense if someone in-the-know made a checklist of what tasks are still left to complete until certain important milestones are reached.

    One of the most important milestones, of course, being the first (alpha) GUI boot of the operating system. If you manage to reach that state, I think, many people will truly accept that OBOS is 'for real'.

    (And, BTW, we'll slowly get this forum to reach its own 1000-post-milestone ;-) )

    • sky

      sky - 2004-04-21

      I think that the programmers should keep doing their awsome programming and when the do hit a big milestone, they post it on the site.  That is enough for me and if you look at a lot of opensource projects they only post updates 1 or 2 times a year.  (and they are usually big!)


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