• Bryce Groff

    Bryce Groff - 2003-02-03

    I think that we should port everybody to beos. BeAIM is scetchy at best and there is basicly no msn client or yahoo so if there is anyone else that agrees I think that we should start a port of everybody.

    • Wouter Beugelsdijk

      I totally agree...
      The only port existing is Jabber and that program really sucks.. stupid shareware version :(
      I wan't it for FREE!

      The only messenger I'm using is MSN messenger so I have to use that stupid jabber on BeOS....

    • Anonymous - 2003-02-04

      BeAIM?  Sketchy!?  I _loved_ BeAIM!  I thought it was great!  It looks great, it has minimal clutter, and it has everything that I need in a chat program.  What else do you need?  The ability to play Hearts through AIM? ;-)

    • Bryce Groff

      Bryce Groff - 2003-02-04

      No I think beaim works ok and I have to give big amounts of credit to the author for making the application but I dont think that it is still being worked on and it deffinatly has its bugs. I dont want to play harts I dont even use Aol AIM I use trillian on my windows machine. I just think that A. We should get gtk+ anyways and 2. we need a good IM client because all OS's should have good clients and not clitchy ones. so I am sorry if I hurt your feeling I was not trying to :)

    • Zack M

      Zack M - 2003-02-05

      using gtk+ just to have an aim client is a stupid idea.. if you like that kind of bloat you should consider using windows.

    • Bryce Groff

      Bryce Groff - 2003-02-05

      gtk+ was not writen for windows for one it was made for linux. I think that it can be fast if you write good code so yeah I think we should have it for easy ports and so we can have our stupid aim client.

    • Anonymous - 2003-02-07

      I was part of a team to port everybuddy on beunited eons ago.  It never got anywhere.  :(  If you do start a port, I might be willing to contribute some, even if only some ideas.  That is, if my spare time allows for it.  ;)


    • Anonymous - 2003-04-27

      BeAIM is not as dead as you might think.

      I've been working on it for a couple weeks, and soon a version may be ready for release.  I'm not the original author, but he has openly posted his intention of giving up on BeAIM (

      - gile

    • Anonymous - 2003-04-28

      "Gaim is a GTK2-based instant messenger application. It supports multiple protocols via modules, including AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Jabber, IRC, Napster, Gadu-Gadu and Zephyr. It has many common features found in other clients, as well as many unique features"

      Hmm... I wonder how hard it would be to rip the guts out of Gaim and port to Be.

    • Bryce Groff

      Bryce Groff - 2003-04-29

      I dont know how tied in gaim is but it would probably not be that hard if it was good code.

      • J. Gordon Wolfe

        J. Gordon Wolfe - 2003-06-15

        I was actually looking at this the other day.  Granted, I'm not very knowledgable about the workings of gaim, and my BeOS coding skills are pretty nonexistent, but I was hoping I could find an easy way to get some of the more advanced features into BeAim (i.e. server buddylist retrieval).  Well, that proved to be a huge mess, first of all because Gaim is written entirely in C, so it didn't plug especially well into the existing BeAim source, but more importantly Gaim is a pretty huge project with tons of dev time under its belt which uses 3rd party libraries for a lot of its low-level stuff (libfaim for the oscar protocol, and god help you if you want to find a clean copy of that anywhere!).  Basically it wasn't going to happen.  However, if someone proficient with BeOS GUI programming wanted to take a crack at writing a UI for the Gaim backend (and could deal with the non-OOP design), it might not be too bad.  In fact, if I can ever get BeOS to boot on my main machine, I might try it just for kicks.

    • Daniel Furrer

      Daniel Furrer - 2003-05-03

      Ever heard of the IM-Kit?
      IMO a very interresing idea. I hope it will be in for R2 ;)

    • Cian Duffy

      Cian Duffy - 2003-06-09

      Theres an AIM client (BeAIM), three or four ICQ clients, a Yahoo client, an MSN client, Two Jabber clients and a Gadu-Gadu or something like that client for a Polish IM network

      Really, that should be enough....

    • Anonymous - 2003-06-10

      Nobody's stopping anybody from porting Everybody or starting their own project.  Go for it!  :-)

    • Russ Martin

      Russ Martin - 2003-08-03

      I've been working with some of my friends in my computer science class on making a AIM, MSN, YAHOO messanger.. It has FULL functionality. I'll be posing it up here on sourceforge and bebits probably early Oct. late Sept. And yes... it's totally free.. Hope that helps.

      Cheers :)

    • Anonymous - 2003-08-31

      Why not create something new? Why keep copying everything, when you could build something new with features every one would want.
      Just makes more since.

    • Artur Wyszynski

      Artur Wyszynski - 2004-05-19

      hey i used only yahoo/jabber/gg im and im developing begadu (polish im for gadu gadu protocol) and in the future id like to add jabber support, im developing it about one year at free time and im the only one person at this project so maybe somebody wants help ? :)


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