new bebox development

  • Philip Taylor

    Philip Taylor - 2003-12-09

    We are a small company in the uk and are very interested in developing and then being able to sell a new bebox system. we would like to be able to use all beos operating systems currently being developed for this new bebox. therefore are very interested in using openbeos as well. we would like to atract as many people as possible to developing this new system. therefore if you are interested in making a new bebox or devloping openbeos for it please contact me by phoning me in the uk on 07986225167.

    • Anonymous - 2003-12-09

      hmm, intriguing.

      what sort of thing are you doing? New custom case, etc?

      Any other way of contacting you besides the mobile number? If there are any non-UK people interested that would cost them a fortune.

      Good luck with the project.


    • Philip Taylor

      Philip Taylor - 2003-12-15

      Well we intend to build a whole new system, based on the principles of the bebox from scratch. new case, new hardware, and possibly new operating system. but definatly a system able to run beos.
      anybody who wishes to contact me can do it also by email at
      also in the next couple of months we will have our website up and running to give a portel for you people who wish to contact and find information about us easier.
      any help anybody would like to provide to us to help us accomplish this is welcome to contact me to discuss what parts of the project you can help with.


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