#2 installation on mac os x


I have a problem installing open-axiom on a mac os x :

I followed 1.4.1 INSTALL on my air mac:

1. I downloaded dependency tarball and decompressed in dir open-axiom-1.4.1

2a. I downloaded source tarball and decompressed in dir open-axiom-1.4.1

2b. I created oa-build dir and configured ../open-axiom-1.4.1/configure succesfully

2c. I did 'make', but 'make' stopped after a while with following messages:
>unexec: unrecognized section name in_DATA segment
make[2]: *** [saved_pre_gcl] error 1
rm raw_pre_gcl
make[1]: *** [unixport/saved_pre_gcl] error 2
make: *** [/Applications/oa-build/build/i386-apple-darwin10.8.0/bin/gcl]
error 2

Any suggestion ?

Best regards


  • Gabriel Dos Reis

    Thanks for the report Jochen.
    It looks like GCL is not properly working on your machine.
    Can you confirm this is mac os on macintel and it is 64-bit?

    A suggestion that will get OpenAxiom installed on your
    machine is ot use SBCL, from www.sbcl.org.
    If you are using macports, then you can just use the SBCL port
    from there. Let us know how it works.

  • Gabriel Dos Reis

    • milestone: --> 1.4.1
  • Joachim Schmidtke

    I have a macair bought in early 2011 with an intel core 2 duo.
    So, I assume it is 64 bit capable although I learnt from users that 32 bit should be prefered when having to decide what to use.
    Anyway, I will try it with SBCL and feedback to you.
    Thanks for your fast response.

  • Joachim Schmidtke

    As suggested I installed SBCL via macport successfully.
    Then started from scratch according INSTALL.
    Under 2.c I did 'make'
    but after some time following message appeared:

    make[2]: /Developer/Tools/Qt/moc: No such file or directory
    make[2]: *** [moc_conversation.cpp] Error 1
    make[1]: *** [all-gui] Error 2
    make: *** [all-local] Error 2
    /applications/oa-build >

  • Gabriel Dos Reis

    Hi Jochen,

    Thanks for your patience. From your reports, it sounded like
    QT is either missing OR found but its preprocessor is not
    working properly. I would need the following information from
    (a) Do you have QT installed on your system?
    (b) send me the content of the file config.log that you will find
    in the build directory.
    (c) if you have QT installed on your system, is it working properly?
    The message you showed seems to indicate that `moc' is not
    working properly on your system.


  • Joachim Schmidtke

    I checked whether I have Qt installed and found it beeing moved into a folder
    developer-old/tools/Qt but it seemingly does not work anymore
    See also attached config.log file.
    Thanks so far,

  • Joachim Schmidtke

    after I installed Qt new and ran through the installation procedure again it installed successfully.
    So, the problem was that I had to install on my mac os x open-axiom with sbcl and a working qt4.
    Thanks for your help!

  • Gabriel Dos Reis

    • status: open --> closed-later
  • Gabriel Dos Reis

    Hi Jochen,

    I am glad you finally succeeded in installing OpenAxiom.
    I was unaware of the problems that came with newer macosx
    that installs non-working QT. Next releases will try to fix that but
    it is always hard to detect non-working tools.


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