OpenAxiom-1.1.0 has been released

I'm pleased to announce that OpenAxiom-1.1.0 has been released on
February 14, 2008.

OpenAxiom is an open source platform for scientific and engineering
computations. This is a major release with respect to
previous OpenAxiom release. New features include:

* batch processing: This release is the first from the Axiom
family of CAS to support batch processing in the following forms:
(i) it can be used as an interpreter, like interpreters for
Python, Perl, or Ruby;
(ii) it can be used as a compiler in batch mode, as one would
invoke GCC.

* unevaluated arguments of arbitrary types;

* union-like domains with proper encapsulation;

* better support for domains representation definition, much like

* many bugs fixes :-)

More information on new features can be found at

OpenAxiom-1.1.0 is known to build on major Unix systems, GNU/Linux
systems, and Windows (MinGW/MSYS). The source code of OpenAxiom is
available for download from

Furthermore, pre-compiled binaries of OpenAxiom-1.1.0 are also
available for download from the link shown above.

OpenAxiom is a free software released under a BSD-type license. For
more information about OpenAxiom, please visit us at

Feel free to use our Bug Tracker

to report issues related to uses, build, or installation of OpenAxiom,
or requests for improvements.

I'm grateful to people who helped improve this release or make
it possible. In particular, Alfredo Portes helped with testing on
Windows platform and provided Windows binaries; Luke Wagner exercised
various parts of the OpenAxiom compiler, and especially new features.


-- Gaby

Posted by Gabriel Dos Reis 2008-02-17

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