Hi Inso,

welcome and thank you for letting some fresh air into this rusty mailing list :)

I will gladly help you out with setting up. I think you're best looking at the current SVN source first, trying to compile it, build documentation (it should be possible now with make doc, manual and pydoc make targets, but it is still a bit fresh). Also reading about original dark engine is quite helpful, although our source code structure is way different (original engine is a mixture of COM, C++ and plain C code, whereas we have the whole engine based on C++).
Here are some links to get you started (order is random):
Telliamed's Thief Tech
Nameless Voice's Nameless Tower
Thief Dev Articles thread at ttlg.com
Displacer's reversing notes around ShockED
A list of services of original Dark, quoted by Nameless Voice
Telliamed's newer, Dark Related page
And some unsorted docs for inspiration:

There are some random tasks listed in the TODO file in SVN trunk, but those are mainly ideological guidelines...  We also have some bugs listed in the bug tracker, but those may be too much for a newcomer (but you're free to try anyway).

If there is a particular subject you'd like to start with and we find it fitting into the current plan (which is introduction of simulation and interactivity) we can try fitting it in. I can imagine particle rendering (or sound) as non-conflicting for example...



On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 8:31 AM, Inso Reiges <insoreiges@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello, opde.

My name is Inso Reiges, i am 23, native russian and would like to lend
a hand in this project.
I am a professional programmer with experience mostly in operating
systems, device drivers and systems programming as well as general
software design and methodologies. I think it would also be good to
mention that my experience with practical 3d graphics is quite
limited, although i do know a lot of purely theoretical stuff.

I absolutely love classic thief games and replay them regularly.)
I have access to windows, linux and osx platforms with extensive
experience mostly in the latter two.

If you are interested, please advise me with a starting point, maybe
some kind of a task to get myself familiar with opde.

Best Regards,

P.S. Sorry if this message looks like a resume)

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