Hi Everybody!

It's been a long time since anyone posted to this mailing list, so I took the liberty of resurrecting the opde-devel back again. There was so much happening since the last post, better let me first llist a few points that we have achieved with this project so far:
* We have a well working development environment for both linux and windows, OSX is not currently supported, no one seems to own the system and no one so far wanted to participate as a OSX maintainer
* The rendering part has a good shape now, not everything is clean code-wise, but at least we get a decent framerates and the output is getting close to the original
* Python was chosen as scripting language for Opde. It is widely used language which has been in use as a scripting language for games in the past, and is scalable
* Object system was implemented, although not totally complete yet
* Python bindings for great part of Opde were written, it is now possible to use python code to access gamesys objects for example
* There are some rough sketches of input, gui and loop services present, some are already at work in the recent SVN version
* we have migrated from CVS to SVN
* domivogt has left the project (thanks to him again for helping with the start!)
* Patryn and displacer joined the project, as well as duzenko did.
* Patryn now maintains the win32 build of Opde and takes care of the installer preparations, see below.
* We have some basic documentation generatable

Now the plan:
There will be, a sort of beta quality, release of the 0.3 version of the code. Patryn prepared an nsis installer for windows, that finds the existing game installations with or without assistance. This one will be released as well.
Maybe we won't manage the release before the year's end, but I'd like to try. We'll se how it goes, christmas come in the way a bit, as did a sudden failure of my new harddrive (I was lucky to have the old one prepared for swap!). 

After the release, there will be a new set of positions open for various parts of the new code - there are about 6 different those planned now (2d rendering/gui, physics, sound, scripting, etc.).

The openDarkEngine now has it's updated Ohloh page, so if you're one of the developers feel free to register and attach your account to it!
Link: https://www.ohloh.net/p/opde

That's it for now,