Hi everybody,

I'm just dropping a mail to let everybody know I'm alive and am still working on the project. I had a very little free time lately but it's likely over now, so I'm back to the renderer service and scene manager to finish rendering before 0.3. As both the original rendering method and the new one both sucked performance-wise, I'm now doing a new rewrite that should be extensible enough to allow different approaches be tested and also reskinning of the level geometry - something that needs to be done in order to let Windowshade/TrapTexture scripts to work.

You might have noticed that some levels (mostly T2) refuse to load now and that the rendering is VERY slow on the rest of them. I'm focusing this. It seems that the portal traversal is too greedy in our approach (original dark might have used a screen space polygons [or at least trapesoids(?)], not bounding rectangles). The rendering is slow because of a massive overdraw now (and the traversal takes some time as well). One reason is that with Ogre::StaticGeometry, the renderer sometimes overdraws as much as a half of the level. Door vision blocking not implemented is one of the reasons as well. That one will be implemented within the new level geometry code (see bits 3,4 in the cell flags - 3 being open/closed flag, 4 informs that the cell is a part of a doorway).

I'm sorry to have let everyone hang in the air (as usual)

That's it.